Tina Fey On Having More Kids: “I’m Getting Up There!”

She’s sassy, she’s self-effacing, she’s hilarious! Our dream BFF, Tina Fey, sat down with Daily Mail and discussed how Sarah Palin put her “on the map,” if she plans to have another child, and how her 4-year-old daughter Alice will likely follow in her performing footsteps.

On having more children: “I don’t know. I’m 39 now – I’m getting up there!”

On Alice entering showbiz: “Knowing her, I can’t imagine her doing anything else. She’s much more outgoing than I ever was as a child – I think she takes after my husband in that sense.”

On Alice being a child star: “Lindsay [Lohan] was 17 when she did [Mean Girls] and she was brilliant. But to have success and money at that age has got to be overwhelming. No one tells you ‘No,’ and I definitely wouldn’t want that for my child. I’d try to make her do theater first because you learn a real work ethic there, and we’d certainly try and make her wait until she’s done school. But Lindsay was a lovely girl,” she adds, “very smart and very funny – and I hold out hope that we’ll see some really good work from her again.”

On juggling motherhood and her career: “I never really believed it before, but when you have a child, there really aren’t enough hours in the day to do anything. I had to go for a dental checkup the other day and they were going, ‘Can you floss and then rub your gums with this?,’ and I was thinking, ‘Are you serious? It’s just not going to happen.’ Basically, any free time that isn’t spent looking after our daughter or working goes on sleeping, but every other week my husband and I will try to get out and have a date night, even though we never really call it that. It feels like such an effort, because all we want to do is go to bed, but we force ourselves to put on clothes – although it never actually gets to the point where I would put on a dress. And definitely not one with a corset.”

On her everyday life: “My daily life consists of going to work or being at home, so when I do interviews I always forget to muster up some kind of personality. Two hours from now, I’ll be going, ‘I really should have tried to jazz that up a little.”’

On what she was like as a kid: “I was quiet and quite shy as a child, but I was also a sarcastic, say-things-under-your-breath kind of kid. I think humor was a defense growing up, especially around the ages of 12 and 13 when I wasn’t the cutest kid in class.”

On being a “supernerd” in high school: “You need some other kind of coping mechanism, and I think humor was the way I got around things – that need to joke about yourself and put it out there before anyone else can say it about you. It was definitely a self-protecting device.”

On her SNL performance – which earned her an Emmy – portraying Sarah Palin: “It was weird because so much of what I’ve done has come out of sheer doggedness, and then this fell into my lap. It put me on the map with people who hadn’t seen 30 Rock or SNL, so what can I say? I’m indebted to her!”

On meeting Sarah Palin: “She was very pleasant. We talked about our kids and school,
and her hair person helped our hair person alter my wig to make it look more accurate, and she also gave us tips on finding the right lipstick. She’s incredibly telegenic and likable, and she’s now beginning a successful career as a television commentator, so I think she’s doing OK.”

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