Angelina Jolie’s Saturday Shoppers

Mr. & Mrs. Smith star Angelina Jolie took three of her children – Pax, 6, Zahara, 5, and Shiloh, 3 ½ – out shopping in Venice, Italy on Saturday (March 27). Angie wore her signature stiletto boots, while Zahara sported her $330 designer coat. And how cute was Shiloh in her light cotton outfit?!

We just spotted the gorgeous 34-year-old mother-of-six bonding with her babies – ½-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne – on the balcony of their rented home.

The Jolie-Pitts – including papa Brad Pitt and 8-year-old Maddox – have been in Europe while Angie flims The Tourist with Johnny Depp.

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  1. hopeso

    It great to see her off the boat and on the street. Great seeing them all.

  2. Anonymous

    Ohhhhh my lawdddd, Shiloh looks so soooo much like Brad, especially in that last pic. That’s def his fierce stare right there!

  3. Anna

    I thought that Shiloh was Knox before reading.. 🙁

  4. alexa

    shiloh is a pretty little girl

  5. . Sophie .

    Looking at the pictures I would think that that child is a boy :(…

  6. Sarah G.

    All three are gorgeous! And I LOVE Zahara’s coat! It’s stunning. And I have a thing for velvet. 🙂

  7. Melania

    Looks like a cute little girl to me. No boy there.

  8. Kediia

    Yes, Shiloh looks like her brother Knox ..
    Well I mean Knox looks like Shiloh ..
    But Shiloh looks like a beatiful little girl ..
    No boy for me ..

    Love this family ♥

  9. Anonymouss

    Poor Zahara is always sucking her thumb.

    Shiloh looks adorable in her outfit. Pax looked so cute, too.

  10. Suzy

    I agree with you. I mean, really? does a 3 year old pick her clothes?? I cant wait for my son to be 3yrs old to see if he can do it.
    I mean, she really looks like a HE. She is gorgeous though!

    • abby

      yes, plenty of three year olds pick their own clothes. just read the post where gwen stefani is saying at that age they want to choose everything and her son kingston picks out what he wants to wear. my nieces pick out what clothes to bring to my house when they sleepover. you mean you can’t wait til your son is three so you can try to prove people wrong. get over it.

  11. Anonymous

    I work in a childcare center and the things I see some of the children wear (not that the clothes are inappropriate or anything) but I can tell right away the child fought mom and dad to wear that outfit. Some time’s I see the girls wearing dresses over their pants and little boys sobbing because they want to dresses like their girl friends,
    So I do think Shiloh picks out her own outfits as do Zahara, Maddox and Pax. Everyone is just getting bent out of shaped because Shiloh isn’t picking the conventional pink and frilly bases on her gender.

  12. Bebegirl

    Shiloh is a sunshine girl.
    I really love her.

  13. Liron

    Shiloh is such a pretty girl and Pax is so cute!! love seeing him.
    Really love this family 🙂

  14. Trudi

    Shiloh doesn’t look like Knox for me – she look a lot like her little sister Vivienne.
    Shiloh is dressed like a boy while Zahara is a real little lady.

  15. Kati

    All three children – Pax, Zahara and Shiloh – look really adorable in these pics! Although true to her tomboy style Shi still manages to look very much like a beautiful little GIRL in these pics. I especially love that last pic since she looks like a spitting image of her daddy with that fierce look. Zahara is a girly girl and I love that velvet coat she´s wearing. Vey ladylike. And Pax is a handsome young man. Love his ripped off jeans. He is so cute that he will break many hearts when he grows up. Brad sure had stayed home with Mad, Knox and Viv while this foursome had some quality time together. Can´t wait to see Mad again. He´s such a cutie too.

  16. nicoleC

    the only thinga look weird is her hair
    but she’s a pretty girl

  17. Anonymous

    I have a niece and nephew that are Shiloh’s age and I can say with certainty that they do pick out their own clothes. My sister has taken my nephew to the store in a tutu before because that’s what he wanted to wear. And guess what, it didn’t do any damage to his psyche. He’s still all boy. People need to be a little more open minded.

  18. Anonymous

    Shiloh looks like a boy! Why do they dress her in those boyish drab and boring clothes? She even has a boys haircut!

  19. Anonymous

    it´s kind of funny and ironic when u all talk about Shiloh wearing what she wants and all that, and how great her parents r for letting her. But when Suri Cruise get´s to wear what she wants she´s a spoild brat, that makes me laugh is Shiloh then a spoild brat too? But beautiful kid´s and family, althoug I want to give Angelina something to eat. She looks really bad to me.

  20. Nicolle

    Angelina is so preattty. Shiloh is adorable , she looks like Brad. Knox is all Angie , Vivienne is perfect mix

  21. Anonymous

    exactly – suri wears new clothes everyday, suri doesn’t wear a coat, suri drinks from a bottle + suri is spoilt. Suri picks out own clothes – Suri is a little tyrant. Shiloh ‘picks out’ [i suppose viv also does that at 1 1/2 since she wears clothes like shi’s] only male clothing in drab colors – but that means she’s cute [she is!] but not spoilt. Double standard?

  22. gender role suck

    wow people sure got alot of emotion about other people children.

  23. bubbles87

    Shiloh looks like a mini Ellen Degeneres. I think its fair enough to let children pick out their own clothes if thats what they want. But I still find something a bit unsettling about this.

  24. SiervaMaria

    Check this out. Maybe this will cease all the pre-judgements. Also. Just like Gwen Stefani allows her son to pick out his cloths for the day, Angie probably does too and so what if Shi makes a decision not to wear gold slippers like her sister, or coats with ribbons? So what. And for her hair? Like mother like daughter.

    btw, you must put http:// in front of link to view it.

  25. Anonymous

    @ siervamaria … wow! i´ve never seen this pic before! now i can totally agree to you! shi is her little look alike … i guess she wants to be like her mother … how cute is that!!!!

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