Zuma Rossdale Gets Some Zzz’s

What a cutie! Gwen Stefani and her 19-month-old son Zuma were spotted shopping at Toys R Us with the nanny in Los Angeles on Sunday (March 28). Zuma looked so peaceful passed out on mama’s shoulder. So sweet!

We just saw Zuma and big brother Kingston, 3 ½, playing at Coldwater Canyon Park the day before.

The boys’ father is Gwen’s hubby, fellow rocker Gavin Rossdale.

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • melo1983

    Gwen always puts the cutest shoes on her boys! Love the styles.

  • alexa


  • Anonymous

    Is Z in under wear already? Isn’t he a bit young to potty train?

  • mariah

    Yeah zuma is wearing underwear he’s only 1 of course he still in diaper. after all he is a baby/toddler.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe its just me or does anybody else not understand why she needs to take a nanny with her?. I understand having a nanny when you are working but not when you are taking your kid to Toys r us.

    • Verónica Ramos

      Because of the paps I think. Gwen have two very active kids, they’re running away always and everything, so…i think it’s so good that she have a nanny when she goes out with them. You can control the situation.

  • Francesca

    Love the bracelets she’s wearing with their names.

  • Meredith

    I would have loved to take a nanny with me when shopping with my little ones. Hey, if she can afford it then why not take advantage of it. I do love the shoes as well.

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  • c

    Wow, what a beautiful baby — I love the picture of him sleeping on her shoulder, with an arm around his mom… Lovely.

  • Anonymous

    How cute!!! He looks so happy with his mom! I love Gwen, she’s so gorgeous even when she’s shopping 😀

    Lali from hostels in buenos aires

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