Joey Lawrence: Parenting Is The Most Rewarding Thing You Could Ever Do

Actor Joey Lawrence has had a very busy year thus far. The Blossom star has been filming his new television show, been faced with news that his wife, Chandi Yawn-Nelson, had a rare blood disorder which could cause serious complications with pregnancy, and finally on March 4, the couple welcomed their second child, daughter Liberty Grace, to join older sister Charleston, 3.

In an interview with Pregnancy magazine, Lawrence shared his thoughts on being outnumbered by females, and touched on the challenge of raising children in Hollywood.

Joey on being outnumbered: “It’s pretty neat. With boys, you’re able to go out and play football and rough around and if anyone gets upset, you can say, “C’mon, snap out of it!” But with a little girl, you’ve gotta sit down and talk about your feelings. Oh my goodness!”

Joey on having daughters: “It’s really given me amazing insight into what makes women women, because you don’t know that so much when they’re 15 or 20 or 25. But being able to see one grow up from birth is really amazing. Girls are incredibly intuitive and sensitive.”

Chandi on Joey as a father: “I couldn’t imagine a man more suited! He’s so sensitive and so caring and so understanding and patient. We’ve known each other since we were 16, and I’ve got to basically see him grow up, as he has me. And to now see him with his daughter, it’s amazing.”

On parenting being a challenge: JL: It’s so much work! It’s incredible how much work it is. It’s the most rewarding thing you could ever do, but it never ends! CL: My best friend told me, parenting is the hardest job you’ll ever love.

Joey on raising children in Hollywood:“The way children grow up here is so far out of reality, but one kid’s reality is not another’s. Certainly when I was growing up, my reality wasn’t the same as my friends’ back in Pennsylvania. But the common thread is ethics and morals and decency, and knowing what is right and wrong. I grew up with my mom being hands-on, and we didn’t get away with anything. You had to be respectful and know your place. We had the freedom to be who we wanted to be, but at the same time, there were rules we had to follow.”

Up next for Lawrence, 33, is the upcoming ABC Family show Melissa & Joey, co-starring Melissa Joan Hart. The show is scheduled to air this coming August.

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I used to love him….I’m sorry to say he is just too damn feminine now!


Yeah, WHAT is the deal with his unnatural hairline? Does he have plugs? It would be better if he went bald, in my opinion.


I think that he’ll follow Ricky Martin’s lead soon and come out…


I think that Joey looks good.I believe you should be who you want to be without being judged.I mean if your gay or straight.I have been a fan of his from day one and i have to say still very yummy.I think a guy to show his feminine side is a sign of a true man.He ain’t gay and if he was i would still be a fan..