Lindsay Hartley: “I Never Wanted Children Until I Met My Husband”

In our final interview with the Days of our Lives cast, Lindsay Hartley opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her character Arianna’s dramatic life in Salem.

Mom to 5 ½ year-old daughter Bella, Lindsay says that when the cameras are off there’s very little drama on the set. They busy mom opens up about juggling her family life with career, playdates with her costars, and how she hopes to welcome more children with her soap star hubby one day soon.

CBS: You married your Passions costar, Justin Hartley. What was it like working with your hubby?

LH: “I loved it. It was so much fun acting with my best friend. Plus, I think he is such a wonderful, natural actor.”

CBS: You and Justin are parents to a 5 ½ year-old daughter Isabella. How has motherhood changed you?

LH: “I never wanted children until I met Justin. I instantly knew after we became a couple that I wanted his child. After having Bella, I realized I love children. I could spend all day and night just being around them.”

CBS: Does Isabella understand what her parents do for a living?

LH: “Yes she does.”

CBS: Are you and Justin hoping to have more children in the future?

LH: “Yes, we are.”

CBS: Has Bella ever appeared on a soap opera with either of you?

LH: “She has appeared on Days of Our Lives for the 2009 Christmas episode. It was awesome. It was so amazing that Days of Our Lives allows us to let our children be on television.”

CBS: You participated in the Young Miss America pageant as a child. What was the experience like for you? Was it fun?

LH: “I enjoyed it, but it was stressful.”

CBS: Do you want Isabella in beauty pageants? Why or why not?

LH: “I think there are other ways to build confidence and learn how to be comfortable in front of people.”

CBS: You starred in Passions and have now joined the Days of Our Lives cast. What are some of the biggest difference between working on the two shows?

LH: “The biggest difference is the pace of show (behind the scenes). Our hours are terrific at Days of Our Lives. I’m always home for dinner.”

CBS: On Passions, you costarred with Galen Gering and Eric Martsolf. What is it like working with them again?

LH: “I love it. I have been working with Galen for twelve years and Eric for nine. We are very comfortable with each other.”

CBS: Have you made some good friends on the set of Days?

LH: “Yes, I have.”

CBS: Do you have a lot of fun on the set of Days? Is it all drama and seriousness like you characters?

LH: “No drama, only fun!”

CBS: How are you able to manage your work schedule and your family life?

LH: “It’s easy with the Days of Our Lives schedule. They are so organized here; you are able to easily manage.”

CBS: Has Bella had any on-set play-dates with any of your costars’ kids? If so, who has she played with?

LH: “Eric Martsolf has two twin boys, Bella knows them well!”

CBS: Can you give us any inside scoop on what to expect from your character, Arianna Hernandez?

LH: “Nicole gets released from prison, and the triangle forms. Who does Brady really love?”

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Photo credit: Lindsay Hartley for exclusive use on CBS

  • crazycarrie06

    What a great interview! I love the pictures that she provided!

  • catvomit

    omg bella is so cute i have never seen pictures of her before! i remember when lindsay and justin got together on passions!!!! fox was so sexy!

  • alexa

    Bella is adorable

    • Anonymous

      she is. she look like her daddy alot.

  • melo1983

    Ah I loved them in Passions!

  • Sarah G.

    Wow! I can’t believe how much Bella’s grown. I remember when Lindsay left Passions for a while so that she could have her and all. 🙂

  • jayla

    she is cute. she look like her daddy.

  • jayla

    she look like her daddy

  • Anonymous

    They both make a lovely couple and Bella is so adorable. I miss seeing Passion

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