Peter Facinelli’s Daughter Almost Broke His Nose!

According to ShowbizSpy, Peter Facinelli had a close call when one of his daughters nearly broke his nose!

“My daughter Fiona (3) headbutted me in the nose and it swelled up like Marlon Brando,” recalls Twilight’s Carlisle Cullen. “For a month I looked like. I thought I would have to get a nose job because I can’t play Carlisle as Brando!”

The injury happened while the father-daughter duo were watching a scary scene in the Spider-Man movie:

I went to close her eyes, but she likes the scary parts so she started fighting me saying, ‘I want see. I want to see.’ That’s when she headbutted me in the nose.

Thankfully he’s since recovered from his injuries and is no worse for the wear.

Recently the 36-year-old actor – who is also dad to Luca, 12, and Lola, 7 – revealed to PEOPLE how much his daughters love the Twilight series: “My 7-year-old would go to school with a Carlisle T-shirt. The 12-year-old underplays it a lot. But if the 7-year-old had a Carlisle lunchbox, she’d take it to school.”

The girls’ mother is Peter’s wife of nine years, Jennie Garth.

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  • Gina Ferrell

    I like Peter Facinelli and his wife Jennie Garth. I am glad everything is all right and he did not break his nose. I know when you get headbutted in the nose it really hurts. Glad everyone is alright. All three of his girls are beautiful. Good luck to them all. I liked reading your blog and will be back to read more. HAVE A FAB DAY!!!

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  • Anonymous

    Ouch! That had to hurt. I can’t believe how badly that would hurt. Especially if your nose swelled up. Ouchy. Glad he’s okay(:

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