Jennie Garth: “I’m Not Pregnant…Yet”

We first fell in love with her as Kelly Taylor on the smash ’90s hit, Beverly Hills, 90210. Now we love Jennie Garth as the hands-on mom of three adorable girls: Luca, 12, Lola, 7, and Fiona, 3. Jennie and her sexy Twilight star hubby, Peter Facinelli, are one of those rare Hollywood couples that seem to have it all.

Jennie sat down with Celebrity Baby Scoop and opened up about her involvement with Love Your Veggies, how she’s getting closer to baby # 4, the secrets to the seemingly perfect ‘Facinelli Five,’ and how they encourage self esteem with their girls: “Fat, stupid and ugly are ‘bad’ words in our house.”

CBS: You are involved with Love Your Veggies. Do your girls love their veggies or do you sneak veggies into their foods?

JG: “I was shocked to find out how many kids are not provided with fruits and vegetables every day, which is why I was happy to be a part of this campaign. We have our own garden and have a great appreciation for fresh vegetables at our house, but I have been known to use The Sneaky Chef cookbook now and then.”

You can view my tips for getting kids to eat (and love) their veggies here.

CBS: Tell us all about your upcoming children’s books. When will they hit the bookshelves?

JG: “They are in the works now. Look for the first one February 2011, just in time for Valentine’s Day!”

CBS: You and Peter are parents to three girls that span 12 years in age. How do you manage it all?

JG: “It is a constant juggling of schedules. We have incredible support helping us, and thank goodness for Mobile Me, because we are always on the run.”

CBS: Team Edward or Team Jacob?

JG: “Team Carlisle.”

CBS: From the outside looking in, the ‘Facinelli Five’ seem like such a fun and relaxed family. What’s your secret?

JG: “We love to spend time together. We don’t care what we are doing as long as we are together.”

CBS: If you were to do it all over again, how would your mothering style differ?

JG: “All organic foods. I wish I had never introduced Fiona to sugar.”

CBS: We’ve heard you’d love to have a boy. Any big announcements you’d like to make?

JG: “I’m not pregnant…yet.”

CBS: Do you want your girls to follow in your footsteps and enter showbiz?

JG: “Our girls are going to be who they are going to be, and we will support them 100 percent.”

CBS: How do you encourage self esteem in your girls? Are you and Peter worried about the dating years that lie ahead?

JG: “We try to keep things really positive, even in the face of trying times. It is very important to us that they feel good about themselves no matter what, and treat others with that same respect. Fat, stupid and ugly are ‘bad’ words in our house. Dating…we’re not there yet!”

CBS: You will always be Kelly Taylor to so many of us! Did you love working on Beverly Hills, 90210?

JG: “I don’t know why the show was such a cultural phenomenon, but I was so happy to be a part of it, and I am glad that my kids have a Kelly Taylor doll to play with.”

CBS: Who do you keep in touch with from Beverly Hills, 90210?

JG: “Everyone has been so busy that we don’t see each other often, but they will always be like family.”

CBS: If you are working on any future projects or with any charities, please feel free to discuss.

JG: “I mentioned my children’s books, and I am also starring in a movie for the Hallmark channel that my husband wrote. I will be continuing my work with the American Heart Association, and other charitable organizations.”

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