Jessica Alba Feeling “Totally Inspired” To Adopt!

Could 21-month-old Honor Marie be getting a sibling in the near future?

According to Us, while taping her guest appearance for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, mom Jessica Alba was in awe of a family who opened their home up to 13 children while living in a small trailer.

I’m totally inspired. If you have the love, and the capacity to love children, you should just adopt. And I plan on doing it. My mom grew up around a huge family, and they always wanted more kids, and I was like, ‘Why don’t you just adopt?

The 28-year-old actress, who has been married to Honor’s daddy, producer Cash Warren, since May 2008, told Extra, “We’ll have a few [kids] – three or four.”

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  • Anonymous

    The statement “Why don’t you just adopt” is very simplistic. There are so many obstacles–financial, political, and emotional that could make adoption so difficult. If however people have the resources and wherewithall, then by all means, look into adoption.

  • cemetreesc

    i just wish i found this kid cute.. i hope she grows into her looks

  • Audrey

    Anonymous you are right. Adoption isn’t as easy as just going to buy an appliance or car. Adoptable children aren’t just that available either.

  • Anonymous

    She’s such an idiot. Over simplifying adooption, like ‘just adopt’ like it’s something you do on a lark. Some people want their own biological kids some want to adopt- there’s no right or wrong. Seems like she is trying to seem trendy/mature by talking about adoption (the trend like an accessory in LA la land) and it makes me roll my eyes. highly doubt she will adopt, spare me.

  • Anonymous

    i agree with the 1st anonymous, audrey and the 2nd anonymous. you are all right! :):)

  • LaKesha

    At least she is considering it.

  • Victoria

    In this case I don’t think she was oversimplifying adoption on purpose, it was just one statement and I think she was doing what everyone else in this world does when we’ve found something that we’d love to do, and we haven’t delved deep enough into the subject to know the ins and outs. Eventually she’ll find out the real deal.

  • Sophia

    I’m sure her intentions are good, but this woman always comes off as thinking she’s better than everyone else. Maybe it’s just me, but I notice it justabout every time.

  • izwupjjclky

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