Matthew McConaughey & Crew Are Party Perfect

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past actor Matthew McConaughey grinned ear to ear as he and his family – including partner Camila Alves and their two children, Vida, 3-months, and Levi, 1 ½ – made their way to a friend’s birthday party in Malibu, Calif. on Saturday (April 3).

We love seeing this gorgeous family of four all together!

Mom Camila, 27, recently shared her secrets for a stress-free existence:

I try to keep [life] as simple as I can. I try to keep it as calm as I can… The word ‘stress’, I don’t believe in that.

Wise words!

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  1. Anonymous

    so cute! I wish they would cut Levi’s hair. He always looks like a homeless person!

  2. Anonymous

    Matthew and Levi always look like they need a bath, some clean clothes and a haircut!

  3. Anonymous1

    I totally agree. They always look dirty looking. Well, if you remember the interview in an article a few years back. He said he “never” wears deodorant. So we know he’s the cleanest person and is passing on bad habits to these kids.

  4. Cari

    I personally prefer when a person does not smell like body odor, but it *IS* the most natural thing in the world. Since when is “natural” a bad habit? It’s just a preference. You’re not smelling him, Camila is. And she seems to be ok with it. :/

  5. Anonymous

    to imagine people were living without deodorant for like 99.000 years it´s unthinkable! lmao NOT

    But yeah, Levi looks like he needs to have his hair washed more often, like a proper SHOWER (not BATH) would do the work!

  6. paula

    seems like there are just narrow-minded people out here….always trying to find something bad. I think you all feel better after having done so and your little life doesnt seem so unimportant anymore, isnt it like that ?

  7. Anonymous

    cute family, so perfect 🙂

  8. Anonymous

    I agree with all of the previous posters. This entire family always looks dirty and in need of a shower. Please cut that little boy’s hair!

  9. Anonymous

    They look really disgusting! No offense Matthew, but please give Levi a bath!

  10. Anonymous

    Some of you just need….lives. Wow!

  11. Anonymous

    “the entire family always looks dirty”, oh my god, just because the little boy has longer hair ?…have you ever heard that there is a tradition in many cultures not to cut the hair of a child for the first years ? It has a spiritual background.
    Im sure that you all are going to take it as superstition here….cos you americans always know it all better.
    But maybe its just not right what you do by trying to be so over clean in your society…ever thought of that ? Trying to wash the inner dirt away

  12. SiervaMaria

    Being anom to be nasty critical is probably the most cowardly act one can do. Of course if you do use a posting name it’s understood that it’s NOT ones real name, but at least it’s one that requires one to take ownership of their words and be giving credit for the good the bad and the ugly they share.

  13. Lioness

    They don’t look dirty, they look comfortable. Their clothes look incredibly, incredibly comfortable and natural. Nothing wrong with that. Groupthink sucks, people- use your minds. Just because you don’t wear deodorant doesn’t mean you’re dirty. Deodorants contain dozens of chemicals that some people decide they don’t WANT in their bodies. Others clean and groom themselves every day- without deodorant, simply because it isn’t available to them. It doesn’t make them dirty. Get a grip, folks, I’m sure this family is doing great. You do you, and let them do them.

    This is a great shot of Vida!! I thought Levi looked like Camila, but it seems Vida has taken that title! He is looks much more like Matthew now, and Vida is her mom’s copy! Too cute!

  14. Anon1

    The kids seem small. Especially Levi. He looks so small for his age. No offence but they need a birth.

  15. Anonymous

    why people say things like that???
    first for me they dont look dirty. and second they are kids how tall they should be??
    i love seeing photos of this family. the kids are cute and parents look great no matter red carpet or daily life.

  16. Anonymous

    look at the last pic is camilla not wearing any shoes?

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