Kendra Wilkinson’s Easter Sunday Sweetheart

Kendra Wilkinson and husband Hank Baskett took their 3 ½-month-old son, Hank IV, out for a walk through a Los Angeles, Calif. park on Easter Sunday (April 4). The happy trio were mellow in yellow as they strolled along, doting on their little boy, who seemed to be enjoying his very first Easter.

Earlier in the day, Kendra and Hank visited the Playboy Mansion to show off their son, which she later tweeted about:

Happy Easter everyone!! Hope u had a great day! This was lil Hanks 1st Easter n we went up to the mansion to celebrate w all the kids.

It also looks as though the proud new mama is sporting her wedding ring again. Recently she admitted that lots of questions were being asked about her bare finger. She explained via Twitter, saying: “My ring will not fit my fat finger so we are resizing it… It’s crazy how many people think a ring on the finger represents love and marriage.”

The reality starlet and her football player hubby will be celebrating their first wedding anniversary this June.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Anonymous

    OHHHH, he is such a cute baby!

    • Louise

      hmmm, I think he isn’t a cutie. His parents look great, but at the moment, he isn’t a beautiful baby.

  • Hannah.J

    What a little cutie, he looks like his Momma.

  • Anonymous

    aw he has Hank’s lips.

  • melo1983

    Haha, he’s such a little chunk! He looks just like Kendra!!

  • jas

    Actually in the third picture he really looks like Hank. So cuuttee..

  • Eheath

    God hes gorgeous!..Looks just like hank!

  • GermanGirl87

    what cutie little boy 😀

  • Anonymous1

    Wow, his hair got so curly. He’s a cutie.

  • Romeo Blue

    I don’t understand the comments saying he looks like Kendra. The older he gets, his African features are really coming out. He is adorable but looks NOTHING like Kendra.

  • jlove

    Hank is bi-racial himself so the baby may not look African at all(I can tell by his finger tips). Little hank is only a quarter black ..
    I’m bi- racial myself and I look completely white yet my sister looks more African genetics.. What a beautiful family

  • Anonymous

    hank is half white

  • Anonymous

    Cute little chubby lumpin.

  • Heather

    Cute pics!! I think the baby resembles Hank’s mother!


    I hate to break it to y’all.. It doesn’t matter half or quarter black, that baby will change as he grows and he may not get very dark, but his features are changing to be more like Hanks… You already start to see the curly hair, nose, lips.

    He is cute, and he will get cuter…

  • Anonymous

    He already looks more like Hank to me. He’s so fat and cute.

  • jlove

    I don’t believe I mentioned his features.. We know all about development, Regardless of race a baby grows and some features become more prominent as the age . My sister had very fine wavy hair until she was a little over a year and gradually it became very kinky tight curls( We can’t wait to see what our kids will look like). Ya never know.. so go break it to someone that didn’t graduate elementary

    • Anonymous

      jlove I agree with your comment regarding features. The hair though can also go the other way. My kids are biracial; african and white. All three were born with the same type of curly hair. By six years old my eldest had lost all her curls. She has completely straight hair now. My second ended up with african hair like mine and my third ended up with wavy. My oldest was born with very dark brown eyes which turned green when she became ten. You just never know with genetics.

  • Victoria

    Baby Hanks looks will change but I think he looks his daddy at this point, because it’s plain whenyou look at his face that he has his daddy’s features, regardless of skincolor. And no it doesn’t matter that he is only a quater white or this that or the other thing, genetics are mysterious and unpredictable.

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