Report: Victoria Beckham Told To Gain Weight Before Pregnancy

It looks like the Beckham‘s may be planning to expand their brood. In a new report, The Sun claims to have learned that Victoria Beckham is on a mission to gain weight in order to add a new baby to the family. The family friend revealed to The Sun, “It’s no secret Victoria and David want a little girl.”

The source also says that Victoria, 35, became broody after recently hearing the news that her sister is expecting a daughter, adding, “After Louise said she was having a daughter it has driven Vic even more to prepare for pregnancy. She’s been told by docs her diet, though healthy, would not give her the best chance of conceiving, particularly in her 30s. Instead she has been advised to eat a lot more carbs and fatten up. She has agreed and David is over the moon. They will try for another child after the World Cup.”

Beckham, and soccer-player husband David Beckham are already parents to sons Brooklyn, 11, Romeo, 7, and Cruz, 5.

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  • Anonymous

    I’ve always wondered why they never decided to adopt, especially now that Victoria is starting to get older and their chances of conceiving a healthy baby are lower. They seem like decent parents, and their boys always look happy and healthy.

  • Anonymous

    I think the Beckhams’ decision to not adopting a baby is right, at least at the moment where they can still have a baby on their own. There are lots of parents out there who couldn’t have their own babies deserve to get the chance to adopt these parentless kids. For me, as long as you can have your own babies, you should just leave the adoption to other people and just concentrating on your own instead. You can still HELP these parentless kids in other ways besides adopting them. Unless you couldn’t get pregnant anymore, than it is just right that you decide to adopt a baby. I think Victoria just love being a mum, being a REAL mum, getting pregnant and all..experiencing all of those feeling having your own child all over again. It is a wonderful feeling, and she obviously loves it.

    • Robyn

      First of all, when you adopt a child, you are his/her “real mum”. Secondly, there are many more children who are looking for adoptive parents than there are parents looking to adopt. To tell someone to leave the children in foster or group homes until somebody without other children decides to adopt them is both incredibly cruel and immature. Your comment shows a stunning lack of understanding.

  • Rings

    I honestly don’t like when they make so public the wish of having a boy or girl. I do understand they want a girl since they have 3 boys. But what if they end up having another boy? I think it would be unfair for the 4th boy since we all know that wasn’t what they wanted. Don’t get me wrong, i’m positive they’ll love him as much as the 3 they already have, but i don’t know how can i explain what im trying to say. Why make it so public that you want a baby of that particular gender if you cannot control that.

  • Anonymous

    I agree Rings, when that child grows up to read an article about this no matter how loved and wanted they felt growing up, they will probably feel that pressure and disappointment attached to them, children don’t always understand that once they are born their parents wouldn’t have it any other way, and can’t imagine life without them. Whilst pregnant with me, my mother had a dream one night her baby was a blonde little girl, and felt that it was a sign and her baby would be born that way. I was a little girl but with dark hair. When my younger sister was born, she came out with the blondest hair, and as a child being told that story I felt that by having my sister, my mother had gotten “the baby she wished I was”. My logic and feelings were childish and unreasonable, but then again I was a child lol. I worry that if the Beckhams have another baby boy, he could feel similar if he one day gets a younger sister. Or even that Romeo and Cruz feel that way now.

  • Lioness

    GOOD!! She needs a little meat on her bones- pregnancy or not, lol.

  • Anonymous

    Is it common for women in their thirties to have miscarages even when eating healthy?

  • Victoria

    Ring and Anonymous, I think it’s important to remember that we don’t know if David & Victoria are really trying to concieve or not. All of these sources are really just the mags making up things.

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