Happy Easter, Honor Marie!

Honor Marie Warren had a great time with parents Jessica Alba and Cash Warren as the trio spent their Easter Sunday (April 4) at a relative’s extravagant party.

The stylish 21-month-old wore a cute dress with tights and gold flats. To top off her ensemble she sported an a-line buttoned jacket and a pink flowered headband. She also brought along a favourite doll.

Upon arrival, Jessica, 28, and hubby Cash, 31, made several trips back and forth from their SUV to the house carrying snacks and drinks. Once they were settled, Honor made a beeline for the huge inflatable slide where she played along with the other children, even trying to climb the rope all the way to the top. Way to go Honor!

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Photo credit: Flynet/JAXN MYLZ/GSI Media


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  1. Sarah G.

    Oh, my gosh! She is so cute!!!

  2. Tazina

    Easter Sunday and the paps are hanging around a private party? Wow, that’s really rude.

  3. Lilly

    Don’t the paps celebrate Easter? Geez I can’t believe that they’re bothering these people on Easter Sunday. Seriously, Jessica Alba is famous but she’s a human being like the rest of us, give her some privacy already! Let her celebrate the holiday in private with her loved ones. They should make laws against these paps and forbid them from taking pics at someone’s home. CBC, the pics are nice and Honor is a cutie pie but I don’t think you should be condoning the behavior of these paps. You buy the pics and they’ll continue to invade these celebrities privacy. PUT YOURSELF IN THEIR SHOES!

  4. Kediia

    Before I would have agree with you Lilly but ..
    That’s their job ..
    And … let’s be honest … sometimes you want to know
    What’s up with your favorite celebrities right ?
    I know sometimes they go way too far but …
    That’s their job …

  5. Kediia

    Oh and by the way, Honor is soo pretty ♥

  6. cemetreesc

    love her coat but she stilll kinda looks like a monkey

  7. Lola P

    I just LOVE and adore this girl… She’s such a beautiful girl… That’s sad to say she looks like a monkey…. I really don’t think so, but either way, she’s still precious and one of my fave celebrity babies.

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