The Stefani-Rossdales’ Easter Extravaganza

The Stefani-Rossdale clan were among the long list of A-list families spotted at an exclusive Easter party in Malibu, California today (April 4). Dressed in matching holiday-themed rompers, both brothers seemed to be enjoying themselves: Kingston, 3 1/2, happily munched on a couple of candy treats while little Zuma, 1 1/2, was content to sip on mom Gwen‘s smoothie!

After loading up on some Easter goodies- which Gavin lugged back to the car – the busy foursome headed over to a relative’s house for a family feast.

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Photo credit: Fame Pictures/Flynet Pictures

  • Anonymous1

    I just love these 2 little boys. They are so adorable.

  • Eheath

    this picture makes me melt! I love his outfit but i think its gunna be one of them outfits he`ll be asking why they put him init when hes older lol! beautiful family and Boys!

  • Anonymous

    OMG! that outfit is terrible. They bleach this kids hair but yet they put a girlie baby outfit on him!

  • SiervaMaria

    These are one of my top five fav celeb familys and I love Kingstons outfit even if I agree with Eheath that he’s gonna ask “why did you put that jumper on me!?”

  • SiervaMaria

    Btw, with his hair and that hat Kingston reminds me so much of Nick Rhodes mixed with John Taylor circa 1985 Duran Duran.

  • lavender

    kingston’s outfit would look much better on a 6 month old girl

  • Anonymous

    Very, ummm “flamboyant” looking. Why the hair bleach for chrissake?!

  • Kediia

    LOVE these kids ♥
    loving the outfit too !! ^^

  • sussy

    i think they look cute but kingston is a little older for that outfitt.

  • Anonymous

    What is up with that outfit! Kingston looks like a little sissy baby girl!

    • Anonymous

      And the sad part about your post is that you yourself are probably female.

      • stutter?

        saying “sissy baby girl” has nothing to do with being a girl, HELLO> it means he looks like a sissified little boy, which therein turns into a little girl.

        and i sort of agree although at this point i have seen the photo so many times the stupid easter bunny themed baby rompers are growing on me, they are just so G.D. ridiculous……..they’re just funny at this point! but the legwarmers on Zuma kill me. Zuma totally owns my little heart, as far as celebrity babies go…i don’t think there is a little celebrity baby that is more handsome, cuter, more laidback, adorable….all that jazz, i just love him… but for F**ks sake!!! why does she insist on putting LEGWARMERS on him?!?!?!? i have even seen pictures where she has honest to god TIGHTS on the kid…. i know in Europe they sell tights for little boys, but OHMYGOD, that is just too much, it’s weird, and no little boy that i know would let any of me or my friends put tights on them, i guess he’s pretty little so she can get away with it, but why does gavin allow it??? oh thats right, because he was in a gay relationship for about 10yrs in the 80’s so his fashion sense is probably a little skewed, which would also explain the 80’s duran duran look on Kingston.

        i know they’re funny, but the rompers are too much and i’m honestly suprised that kingston wore it, he seems pretty headstrong and i’m sure would have totally freaked if he didn’t want to wear it. i guess on that note tho it brings up an iteresting point… she dresses him (usually) in little adult hipster/rocker/punk clothes so he looks like this little skinny hipster guy running around,and i guess we all sometimes forget despite his adult clothing and bleached hair ( i wasn’t allowed to bleache my hair til i was 17 but whatever) he really is just a little boy… i think he’s 3 right? maybe almost 4?? he’s a little boy with a tiny little boy spirit and to 3yr old boys the easter bunny is friggin AWESOME! and huge easter egg hunts are AWESOME!!! so why wouldn’t he mind wearing a (in his eyes i’m sure) “cool easter bunny outfit?!?”

  • Audrey

    Cute kid but that romper would be awkward for a little boy who is potty trained.

  • Anonymous

    He looks ridiculous! This kid is so obnoxious!

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