Tweetle Bug Boutique: I Am Not A Boy Hospital Hats

Before you leave for the hospital, be sure to pack the I Am Not a Boy Hospital Hats if you’re having a girl or it’s a surprise. These adorable hats decorated with girly flowers or bows will leave no doubt that friends and family are meeting your new baby daughter. Hats may be purchased individually or the Hospital Stay Collection comes with three hats, one for each day of your stay.

Michelle Hartel is the mastermind behind these handy fashion accessories. After she had her own baby and continuously had to answer the question “is it a boy or a girl”, she recognized the need for girly hospital hats and launched I Am Not a Boy Hospital Hats. Her business has now expanded to include other fun hair accessories for little ones, including hair bows, clips and bow holders, all available at her online boutique.

Exclusive CBS Offer: Purchase a set of three hats and enter coupon code CBBShip in the notes to seller upon checkout and ground shipping costs of $4.95 will be refunded.

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  • Anonymous

    this is one of the dumbest things i’ve ever seen. a two day old baby isn’t going to develop some kind of complex b/c they wore a unisex hat at the hospital. just more useless female oriented consumerism.

    • Anonymous

      I think this is adorable. Obviously the previous post is from someone who isn’t comfortable in their own skin. The idea that the reason behind this type of product is to gender or prevent a complex in a baby is ridiculous. Thankfully we live in a country that celebrates the birth of both female and male children!

    • Anonymous

      Lighten up, Francis. Seems like a nice baby shower gift.

    • JennyM

      Seriously I have had three daughters now (back to back to back) and this is a real problem in the post delivery area. There are sometimes 30+ babies being born the same day in a hospital and they all look alike regardless of gender. I like these hats more for the creative idea behind them, their subtle style, and class they provide. It’s not about the gender stereotyping being discussed here, get over yourself. Who wouldn’t want their sweet little baby girl to look her best on her first days in this world???

  • Cari

    I like the hats, but who in this day and age gets three days in the hospital anymore? They’re giving you the bum’s rush on day two! That’s been my experience anyhow.

  • Beth

    I love the hats! I really wish that I had heard of them when I delivered my daughter last year…and I did get a three day stay – even after a natural delivery!
    I just ordered The Harper for my friends that are expecting a girl next month – and, no – I don’t think their daughter will develop a complex from wearing the I’m not a boy hat!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand what the point of this is. Who cares if someone can’t tell what gender a newborn is? The baby certainly doesn’t know the difference. What a waste of money.

  • gender role suck

    I will never do that to my kid gender neutral cloths, I will but my son in pink and but my daughter in trick pj.

  • Anonymous

    I agree that this is “female-oriented consumerism.” One tiny hospital-style hat for $15??? Crazy. It’s even more of a joke that the ad encourages moms to make sure that they have a different one for every day in the hospital.

    And, if you’re so scared that someone might dare to think that your infant is a boy (as if that is such an awful thing!!!) then cover your little princess in pink ribbons and bows and other crap from head to toe.

    • Anonymous

      It’s just a cute hat, not really some grand statement on gender roles of babies. Some people really have too much free time.

  • Anonymous

    yes, it is a bad thing to think a baby girl is a boy. Mothers would be offended if someone said a boy looked like a girl. Why? I think the hats are cute, but totally unnecessary.

  • LOL

    I work on the mother-baby floor at my hospital, and I think it’s funny that these are the exact hats we use, that come a dime-a-dozen (minus the bows). She must be making a huge profit!

  • Shelly

    Oh, unclench. There are lots of things we indulge in when it comes to babies that are “unnecessary” but totally freaking adorable… this would be one of them.

  • Crystal

    I don’t think I would pay that much for a hat like this but I do have one. BUT I made it myself. It was super easy! You tube will teach u how to make anything! I wouldn’t be offended if someone thought my daughter was a boy. I just thought it would be cute.

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