Josie Duggar Released From Hospital

While former reality stars Jon & Kate Gosselin are in the middle of a possible custody battle, another reality show family has something to be thankful for. After almost four months in the neonatal intensive care unit, Josie Brooklyn, the 19th child of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar has been released from the hospital and is able to go home, reports PEOPLE.
Dad Jim Bob says the couple are, “grateful for the prayers of thousands,” and Michelle adds,

“We are so excited, we are running on adrenaline. I have been getting into the routine of every three hours feeding, diapering and taking her temperature. We are so encouraged that she is doing so well.”

Josie was born extremely premature, at only 25 weeks gestation on December 10, 2009 weighing 1lb. 6oz. and is now up to 4lbs. 9oz. and doing much better. Of her youngest daughter Michelle shares, “She has a strong personality. She is a spunky little thing and will keep us all going.”

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, who star on TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting, are parents to 19 children under 22, and grandparents to one. The couple, who have been married since 1984, recently said that they are not ruling out a 20th child.

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  • ashlynn

    The duggar family is disgusting. Jim bob and Michelle are truly sick parents.

    • Anonymous

      Have truly lost your mind? You are calling children disgusting……. ummmm hello that is WRONG MISTER. Those children can not help who they are or the fact they are here. Maybe Jim Bob and Michelle need to stop, but how dare you talk about those children that way. They have done NOTHING wrong. You’ll get what’s coming to you for that one. Somewhere sometime someone or something will pay you back for that.

      • txdancechick

        I couldnt agree with this comment any more. The children should not be judged for something they had absolute no control over. Although I dont find having that many children appealing and find it disturbing, they all seem to be living happy and healthy lives.

  • Sophia

    Um, ashlynn, uncalled for….
    I don’t have anything against the Duggars, but I do think it’s a little odd how every time they have a baby practically the first thing they say is how they’re not ruling out another. It seems like they’re always jumping too far ahead instead of focussing on their new baby and the rest of their children. But maybe it’s just me. Anyway, I’m glad that this difficult journey has had a happy ending for them.

    • Anonymous

      I do not think they are jumping too far ahead!!! God has blessed them with the ability to reproduce and they feel that God wants them to have as many children thats physically possible!! They dont say “well we are already planning for our next” they are simply saying “we are open to the idea, we dont want to stop it if god wants us to have one”. They are normal sexual beings who dont belive that birth control is for them. I dont think they are intentionally “trying” to get pregnant, they are simply not doing anything to prevent it and have a normal and healthy sexual life! I think if they have the means to support all of these children then more power to them! I look forward to hearing if they are lucky enough to get pregnant again!

      • Anonymous

        God is a theory not a fact. Over-population starvation and Supply and demand are facts.. what they are doing is WRONG. THE END

    • Arsena M.

      maybe they say that because everytime they have one they are asked. you want them to lie?

  • Ellie

    I’m sorry but these two are really screwed up! They are obsessed and ridiculous.

    • Anonymous

      Oh get over yourself!!! They are christians who do not belive that birth control is for them and have so much love in them that they want to share it with as many children as God wants to give them! I think you are “screwed up” and “ridiculous”..

  • . Sophie .

    I laughed out loud when I read someone here type that the first comment is uncalled for!!!

  • Anonymous

    They may want a new child, but I think it’s time they think about the risks. Josie is born so premature, that simply from a medical standpoint, she will suffer at least vision problems. It’s so awful that they don’t consider the risks it places on the baby! Having your kids raise each other is not okay! parents are around for a reason! Making clothes for them out of curtains and tablecloth pilgrim style is not okay for their social adjustments, nor is not allowing them to watch TV, or go outside their bubble.

    • Anonymous

      WOW!! why dont you actually pay attention to their family before you judge them and make them sound like monsters!! All of those children love the way they are growing up and they are not raising eachother, yes the older ones help with the younger ones but its that way for most familys! And I think all children could do with a little less television and alot more family time like they do!!!! And they dont make there own clothes!!! and even if they did who cares it doesnt effect you does it?? I didnt think so!!!

    • Arsena M.

      My daughter was born at 25 weeks…1 lbs 12 oz…no vision or hearing problems or anything from oxygen etc. so not all babies sufffer from ill effects. the problem was with michelle not josie..josie just has to have time to grow as she would have in her womb. my daughter was the same..the healthy problem was with me not the baby.

    • Megan

      I fully agree! sooner or later they are going to have a very sick baby and it just seems selfish to continue to bring very sick children into the world who will suffer.

  • mel

    Okay half of the stuff you said is untrue. The parents are very involved in their kids’ lives and they do not make clothes for their kids out of table clothes “pilgrim style.” While I agree they are a bit unusual, they have a right to do what they want as long as they aren’t hurting their kids. What happened to Josie could have happened to any expectant mother, it had nothing to do with her having so many kids. I do think they should not have any more children, but I am happy Josie is doing well and is home with her family

    • Lu

      more families need to disipline and educate there children like they do, they know how to work hard and have morals, what are the teens of this generation going to like in 10 years, We are too afraid to stir up anything with our children by making them work hard and telling them no, they don’t need to be beaten to get things through to them but they need boundries and consequences.

      • Anonymous

        No no many teens do work hard, there’s multiple reasons why they do some awful things, maybe because they’re from impoverished families, or family with abusive or crime history, whatever. However, while idolness can contribute to some teen probs more or less psychiatrically related, it does NOT grant a sense of boundaries. The dulgars kids got a huge boundary issue cause they’ve never been outside of the boundaries. But this is their life, and this is America, they can do whatever the heck they want, even start their own state. But realize, that the dulgars have not been humanitarians, they’re very egocentric, their own concern is raising this herd they have, but hey! that’s no big deal, they’re not bugging anyone!

        Lastly, children’s job is not to take care of other kids. when a 13 yr old is left home alone with a 2 year old, social workers can be called. the only reason why it’s okay for them is cause there’s enough older kids now.

        • Anonymous

          First, they are the DUGGAR family, not the DULGARS. Please do some more research/reading before you start passing judgment. Secondly, if you had done research, you would know that Michelle doesn’t work. Therefore, she’s at home. Do the older kids take care of the younger kids? Probably. But she is there, which makes your “13 yr old taking care of a 2 yr old” point invalid. Also, do you actually think that these parents are the type to leave their children at home without some sort of parental supervision? Um, no. These parents don’t even allow their children to watch tv. Does Michelle know what all of her children are doing at every moment of every day? Probably not. But think about it….does any normal parent know what their kids are doing every moment of every day? No.

          • Anonymous

            Yep…..they don’t allow them to watch tv…..I have watched too much of their show…..and I share the feelings of many of the people who comment. These kids need to be allowed to be kids. Yes, they need to have chores, but I feel that too manyof the responsibilities have been placed on the children. Doing, the cooking, cleaning and yes, the sewing of clothes seems to m something that the parents should be doing the majority of the time, with the kids helping occasionally. However, in this case it is made out to be the kids toting the load, partiuclarly the older girls. Of course they indicate to the world that they are happy……they know no other way. Let them experience a different life and then we will see how happy they all are. I do not aregue their religious values, however, I object to their making money with all their money.

    • Anonymous

      yes, it could happen to any expectant mom, however, the risks are SIGNIFICANTLY higher given her age! Many women considering kids at this age have usually never had kids or going thr fertility issues, they usually don’t got 18 or whatever # they got already.

  • cat

    Freedom let it ring. Good for this healthy new life going home to a loving family.

    • Carrie

      I agree 100%. Let’s be thankful this little life has thrived.

    • Anonymous

      Amen sista!! Leave the poor family alone!!

    • SoCalCaral

      Amen! So glad Josie is thriving. The kids are healthy, happy, and will no doubt be productive citizens. They probably will turn out to be a whole lot more “normal” than a lot of teens who sit in front of a screen for hours a day while both parents work.

  • not my faves

    i sincerely hope they are done now.

    • Bob

      Jim Bob needs to zip it! Enough already. The Duggar kids are cute, but really, 19 are enough.

      • Anonymous

        are they asking for help from anyone? NOPE!!!! They provide for all of those children and have no government assistance nor do they ask for handouts of any kind! So how can anyone judge what they do or how many children they have….it would be different if ANY of those children were neglected, or not cared for and loved in any sort of way!

  • Q

    I love children and had six of my own, however, with this couple enough is enough! I am thrilled that little Josie has made it through a very trying ordeal but unfortunately I fear for her health in that none too sanitary environment where she is going home to live. Too many people and little ones with running noses doing as they please most of the time. I truly hope and pray that G-d does not let them conceive another one as Josie needs all the attention and care of her Mother. As soon as Michelle conceives she tends to dump the last one by the wayside for the older children to bring up!
    SAD, in my opinion.

    • LJSS

      ITA Q, I love their large family but it disturbs that once the babies are born the older kids are the ones in charge. If you’re gonna conceive that many children the day to raising should be primarily the parents. If its too much for Michelle then that’s an indication that enoough is enough. But, I too agree, that as long as the children are happy and healthy they are free to have as many as they want.

      • Anonymous

        agreed! it’s like the industrial revolution of child-rearing, assembly line style! baby pops out! give it to the 5 yr old who’s then given to the 12yr old who’s then under the 16yr old….so disturbing.

  • Anonymous

    Michelle, I think that your body is telling you enough is enough. Quit before do really suffer a tragedy. Your older children should be allowed to be children and not be relied on to take care of their siblings. Are you going to be caring for their children. This is your choice not theirs. You need to be responsible for what you have decided is right for you and Jim Bob.

    • Anonymous

      you know, there’s a benefit to being pregnant at her age, considering the sex drive is decreasing, pregnancy can ramp up some of the hormones responsible for having a good time. Jim Bob obviously knows what I’m talking about 😉

    • Anonymous

      Have you ever watched the show????? Everytime Michelle tells the family she is pregnant again, EVERYONE is so excited!! The kids love getting a new baby brother or sister!!!

  • Shelly

    They need to stop with Josie and realize how lucky they are that she survived being born so early. I can’t believe they would even think of having another child – they might not be so lucky next time. I don’t think Michelle will ever say enough is enough; I think that if Jim Bob wants more children, she’s going to be the subserviant (sp?) wife and let him have his way with her and hope a pregnancy comes out of it. Also, when you have a grandchild that is older than your last child, I personally think that’s a sign to stop. Regardless it’s their life but I think they’re total hypocrites for not allowing their children to watch TV but they allow cameras in their home, not to even mention the NICU while Josie was so sick. If I was a parent of a baby that was in there at the same time, I would have been livid they were letting the cameras in. To each their own…….

  • Audrey

    I think that if they are “asked” about having further children they will always answer yes. I don’t think it comes up without being asked of them.

    The right number for every family is different for each. I’ve seen plenty of families that shouldn’t have more than one if any and other families quick happy and capable of many more. It wasn’t that long ago that family planning was impossible and families were naturally larger.

    I don’t think this family is sick or self-absorbed just different than the average family. I was quite happy with 3 but would have felt cheated with 2 or less. I can’t imagine 4 or more but probably some here do and are happy about it.

  • Anonymous

    I am happy that Josie is coming home and I HOPE that the Duggar’s have more kids? Why? Because they are raising people who are responsible, caring and giving. We definitely need more of those types of people in the world! Bring on the ovulations~!

    • Anonymous

      do you see any of them changing the world, i mean aside from population? Have any of them accomplished anything. No offense, anyone can get laid and pop out a kid!

      But it takes someone more than responsible to be a doctor, a nurse, whatever…someone who can put their life in service of others rather than themselves and their own picket fence ideals. And none of the dulgars kids got these potentials cause they’re never even been outside of their homes, they’ve never been to Africa to see people living with pneumonia or HIV and unable to get meds. which is another thing, religious people tend to do a lot of missions, they got enough for a missionary team, so why don’t they go? I agree that they got some meek and well-behaved kids, but educate them and have them help the world. Why else did God give them to you?

      • Anonymous

        I remember seeing several episodes of their show where they went and did mission work. They really believe in what they are doing and are more than willing to help and teach others. They should be applauded for that. Why is it a requirement to visit Africa to have your mission work “count”? There is plenty you can do in your own community without leaving the country. Also…they are the DUGGAR family, not the DULGARS.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, they actually HAVE out of the country on Mission trips. In fact, they have been to El Salvador MULTIPLE times. The older 11 or 12 were actually there at the time of Josie’s birth. And ALL of the Duggar children are VERY responsible. Do you ever really WATCH the show, or are you just commenting on things that you’ve read/heard from others? If you actually do watch it, you’ll see what all they do as a family, & just how responsible the children are & how VERY successful EACH & EVERY Duggar child/ grandchild is & will continue to be in society. You will also see what DEVOUT Christians they are if you watch the show.

        As someone else commented, it is NOT our job to judge them…on ANY aspect of their lives, whether we agree with their lifestyle or not. It’s THEIR life, NOT OURS!!!

  • Alice

    I hope they stop (a little bit at least) after Josie. Yes a first-time young mom could have a very premature baby too and *maybe* it’s not due to Michelle being too old and having too many pregnancies but regardless, this child will have special needs including lots and lots of care and attention from her parents. She is fragile and siblings cannot replace parents. They should not have another baby too soon to steal their focus from Josie.

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm…exactly what is wrong with this family? The fact that they don’t rely on any governmental help? The fact that as a family, they have no debt? The fact that they are teaching their children to be responsible adults? (Granted, the whole no watching tv thing and not kissing or anything before marriage is weird…) But other than the fact that they live like many other religious people out there, what is wrong with this family? Nothing! Is it weird that they want to have as many kids as possible? Yeah, kind of. But is it anyone’s place to judge them for it? No. Leave them alone and just be happy that they aren’t relying on taxpayers to support their family. And to those that feel like the older children “raise” the younger children…..isn’t it that way in every family? The older child/children will always be responsible for “watching over” the younger siblings. Big deal. So what?

  • Anonymous

    There are so many judgemental people in this world and it just makes me sick!! I know there is nothing I can do to change it, that there will always be judgemental people in this world, but come on guys! They are just a religous family that god has blessed with many joys!! Why cant we just leave it at that! Sit back and take a look at your life, would you want everyone judging your life and telling everyone what they think your doing wrong or what you should change?? I know I wouldnt!!! Just remember that you will be judged on that final judgement day and where will you be?

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Those of you who are accusing the Duggar’s, questioning their lifestyle, or outright being disrespectful, have you ever watched the show? Just because their choices don’t mirror yours does not make them weird. I think it’s commendable that they don’t have television in their house. Children instead can be creative and fill their time more productively… back how it USED to be before cable television, when the only day you could watch cartoons was Saturday morning. The fact is, they support their family, they raise their children, and devote their life to that, no one aside from them is footing the bill, so who cares?

  • Anonymous

    Not a fan… but to each his own. The child may have severe problems but may not. An unknown. I do think they should hold off having more babies until they see what this baby may need. I do think they do the best that they know how to do. Limited, in my opinion but i don’t embrace that life style. So… not casting the first stone here. Nope.

  • SnookiePoo

    If yall truely think they got something wrong with them, yall need some help or something cuz yall are the ones obsessing over somebody elses life. Dude if you have that much time on your hands to be discriminating against these loving people you need to get your own life. Seriously.

  • Renee’

    Okay already – – for those who feel they are contributing to the overpopulation of the world. My husband and I wanted 3 or 4 children. Due to problems, we were not able to have any. Therefore, they have extras to compensate for my not having any. So that takes care of that problem!

    I have an older brother (nearly 18 years older) and no children between us. I was raised basically by myself and would have LOVED to have had a brother or sister at home. They are happy, well adjusted, polite and they behave better than most people who only have 1 or 2 kids to deal with. SO LAY OFF AND LET THEM BE!!!

  • xoXokeniaXoxo

    okay this woman iz crazy well no crazy but shes just usin her kids for the show and it will be better if she stops. one day shes not gnna get to have no more children this woman is only like 43 years old i think shes usin her children to only keep the show goin on, oh and good bless baby josie plez take care of her good,…. and plez no should start sayin stuff of my opinon.

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