Doug & Jackie Christie Offer Relationship Advice In ‘Luv-Pons’

Doug and Jackie Christie have appeared on Tyra Banks, Access Hollywood, and in People magazine. Doug, a retired NBA player and his wife are offering advice for couples in their new book Luv-Pons. The longtime couple of three children sat down with Celebrity Baby Scoop to discuss their latest book, their secrets for a successful marriage and some thoughts on the Tiger Woods scandal.

CBS: Please tell us about your new book. What is it about?

D&J: Luv-Pons is a fun variety, love, and romance guide for couples. It offers surefire ways and solutions to reigniting passion in any relationship. There is 40 pages in the back of the book of “Luv-Pons” (coupons) that couples can share. It also has recipes of culinary delights and love stories, as well as poetry and advice and much more!

And we decided to write Luv-Pons because we wanted to offer firsthand advice and ideas to other couples looking to have more intimacy in their relationships who want ways to reignite the passion they once shared. Because Doug and I have been married for so long and have remained happy and monogamous as well as committed to our marriage, and other couples want answers.

Jackie: Couples always want to know our secrets, on how we keep our marriage strong, so we decided to write Luv-Pons: A Fun Variety Love & Romance Guide for Couples, so they could see how we do it and they can too. Also how they can keep the passion and excitement burning in their marriage or relationship by using our easy to follow ideas, suggestions, and secrets that we share in our new book.

Doug: We wanted to share with others the beauty of being in a wonderful, fun fulfilling, and exciting relationship and also to give all couples the answers they want to help them get the passion and fire back into their relationship.”

CBS: You have been married for so long. How did you make it work in the world of professional basketball, where so many men cheat on their wives?

D&J: “With respect, commitment, love, and passion we shared undying honesty. We mutually support one another’s dreams, goals, and desires. We made sure the foundation of our marriage remained unbreakable and solid, and God blesses us through it all.”

CBS: Jackie, did you ever feel like you needed to protect your marriage while Doug played in the NBA?

Jackie: “I wouldn’t say I felt I needed to protect my marriage versus I felt like around most corners there were things to be cautious about but no more than any other wife might feel. Being in the NBA culture for well over 12 years I have seen and heard a lot, but I would say honestly I don’t regret living it because the NBA lifestyle was great. It offers fun, excitement, glamor, a family atmosphere on teams most of the time, and it also was a blessing.

My husband was able to work in the field he loves so much and that’s basketball, and the NBA is the highest level to play. Also, with any pro-sports there is the allure of the jock and all that comes with the lifestyle, the money and fame etc., so there was always a curious and available gal waiting for her turn to experience it all; not to say it’s a bad thing if the player is single!”

CBS: It has been reported that every conversation you’ve had with a woman since being married has been reported to Jackie. Please explain why you have done this.

Doug: “I must say the reports were extremely misconstrued. Yes, I did tell my wife about whatever I did whether it was a male or female that interviewed me, as we are soul mates and we share everything and all with each other — that’s the specialness of our marriage. And vice versa, my wife was interviewed quite a bit too by guys and she always shared her experience with me. We always encourage people to get our book No Ordinary Love A True Story of Marriage And Basketball, so that they can have all the answers from the horse’s mouth, and dispel all the rumors.”

CBS: Doug, we hear you had a secret sign for Jackie when you were on the basketball court. What was it?

Doug: “Well it was only kept a secret for a short time, as once the reporters found out they had a field day trying to guess what it meant and even after we told them they had their minds made up it was so many other meanings.

It was started in Toronto, Canada when I played for the Toronto Raptors and we had gotten married over the summer. I was just heading back into the basketball season and my wife and I were playing around one night at a game. I was playing and I always looked at her throughout the game when I wasn’t playing and smiled at her to comfort her and myself as she was and will always be my girl and my soul mate. We lost the game that night, unfortunately, and when driving her and our little girl home we decided to give each other signs at the next game and try to figure out what each meant.

Of course we would only play the game with each other when I was on the bench. Okay, so anyways, she gave me her first sign and I chuckled as I didn’t know what it meant but it looked funny too, so then later on I gave her my sign and she looked confused and we just laughed secretly and later after the game she asked me what it meant and I told her it meant I love you.”

CBS: You renew your marriage vows every year. Why do you do this? Do your children enjoy the annual renewal ceremonies?

D&J: “We love getting married. It’s not only sexy, but exciting, fun, and most important it is our family tradition. We began 13-years-ago and will continue always. We commit every year to each other, our marriage, and our family. Our kids are overjoyed by our yearly weddings and participate often. They say they will remarry their spouses yearly too.”

CBS: Please tell us about your children. What are they into? Do you hope they will also be professional athletes?

Jackie: We have three children. Dougie Jr. is 9. He loves sports and WWE. He is just like his father, a great person and kind soul. He is an author of two wildly popular books Dougie Learns To Ride and Dougie Goes To School. Available everywhere books are sold.

Chani is 16. She is a youth activist, singer, model, and actress. She is an all around entertainer. She is also a bestselling author. She wrote her first book at 14 ½ –years-old titled: I Want To Live: A Teens Guide To Finding Self Love, available everywhere books are sold.

Kari is 19. She loves to play the piano and is a computer geek, and future author and clothing designer.”

CBS: Please comment on Tiger Woods’ situation.

D&J: “We truly feel that Tiger and his wife Elin are going to have to dig deep and heal as well as get counseling and rally around not just themselves but also their beautiful children.

We do not condone, nor except infidelity in our marriage, but at the same time we really don’t know all the circumstances of their situation other than the reports. But we must say it’s a very disappointing and sad dilemma, as well as very embarrassing for their family.

I (Jackie) personally feel that they must end that marriage and remarry again in the future if they decide to remain together, because the bond and vows shared between them in the marriage they are currently in are forever broken and damaged. We truly wish Tiger and Elin nothing but the very best in their lives, marriage, and healing and hope that in some way his coming out and facing his wrongdoings that he may someday be forgiven by Elin and society.”

CBS: What values do you teach to your children? What are your hopes for your children?

D&J: “We teach our children to love, first and foremost, each other as well as all people, and never lower their values and morals for anything or anyone. We teach our children to forgive others for their misgivings and behavior, and to always learn to never give-up on educating themselves. And lastly, we teach them to set goals and give it their best to achieve them.”

CBS: If you are working on any future projects or with any charities, please feel free to discuss.

Thank you. Yes, we are currently touring for our new book Luv-Pons, and we are working on a few really cool film projects, as well as raising our children and working with our charity the INFINITELOVE FOUNDATION. We are also helping our daughter Chani with her charity the CHANIGIRL FOUNDATION. Through both of our family charities we assist other foundations too.”

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    lol this colum is funny when the owner of it has a set opinion?

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    Good values to have in a relationship – “respect, commitment, love, and passion we shared undying honesty”, they sound genuine. If you want some more relationship advice try

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