Julian Casablancas & Wife Welcome Son Cal

The Strokes’ frontman Julian Casablancas and wife, former manager Juliet have reportedly become first time parents. The couple, who have been married since 2005 welcomed a son named Cal in early March, and the new dad said of the addition to the family, “I don’t know if it’s totally sunk in yet. It’s been wonderful. He’s so laid back.”

Casablancas, who is currently touring to support his new solo album ‘Phrazes For The Young,’ recently shared that he was ‘mentally’ prepared for the baby’s arrival though his wife took care of the details, saying, “I haven’t done too much. My woman has done all the hard stuff. We have clothes that people have given us. We have a crib ready… birth is a beautiful thing.”

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  • HC

    Julian is such an awesome singer and seems to be really down to earth as a person. His wife must be really glad to have him. I mean a lot of girls are into him. Like me 😀
    I wish them the best.

    • Rosalinda

      Oh yeah same here I have liked him and his music for the longest time…. His wife is a really really lucky woman:P. Oh and I wish I could meet him( I’m obsessed with him I listen to like 10 interviews or songs of his from my iPod hahaha although it is true). 🙂

  • Anonymous

    yeah, i just met him randomly and he was really friendly. I thought he was just another dude, which I guess he is.

  • In love with julian.c

    Omg i am totally in love with julian, i mean his wife is so lucky to have him, if i had the chance to have him i would… Every morning i wake up with one of his songs on my ipad. I wish i could meet him!!!!!!
    He is hot too…..:p

  • Anonymous

    omg i love julian…even though he is married i really wanna meet him! I LOVE YOU JULIAN!!!!!!!

  • sexy julian!!!!

    i love julian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH! i wanna meet him so ba and give him a hug so that he knows im his biggest fan!

  • Hello

    I love julians songs. There awesome. Although im not obsessed. I would really love to meet him sometime,

  • Anonymous

    i wish them the best. i am a fan but not obsessed. best wishes

  • Anonymous

    I’m totally in love with Julian. Although hes married hes still extremely sexy. I want to meet him so bad, please come to Minnesota!!!

  • patxy

    his wife is so lucky! thanks to her, julian stopped drinking so much and im thankful to her for doing that. one day i’ll meet julian and go to one of his concerts. its something i really want to do in my life

  • MC

    His wife Juliet is great… I grew up and went to school with her. Also worked with her father for a few years at my last job.

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