Meet Hollywood’s REAL Karate Kids

The martial arts seem to be all the rage these days, and this summer the pastime will get even hotter. Coming this June, the remake of the 80’s teen hit Karate Kid will be hitting screens everywhere. Starring in the flick will be Tinseltown royalty Jaden Smith, the talented son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. But he’s not the only child of superstars who is a modern day Karate Kid. Here are a slew of other children of Hollywood who are practicing the martial arts, off screen that is.

Mark Wahlberg (above)
Actor, ex-model, and producer Mark Wahlberg was spotted taking his son Michael to Karate Class in Brentwood recently, all his other kids were at home. It’s a nice way to squeeze in a little one on one time with his son, and when you have four kids it’s important to get that in.

Heidi Klum
Three out of four of Heidi’s kids do karate. And the only reason daughter Lou isn’t at it yet is because she is far too young. Heidi’s two sons Johan and Henry as well as daughter Leni regularly go to karate school in Los Angeles. And with four kids in the house, each one should learn how to protect themselves…and their toys!

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson’s kids Prince, Paris and Blanket have been hitting karate class for a while. The trio has been routinely photographed leaving their karate studio in Encino since their dad’s tragic death. And they aren’t the only Jackson’s working on their martial arts, their cousin Jaffar and Jermadgesty are often along as well.

Travis Barker
The Blink 192-er was recently spotted taking his daughter Alabama and son Landon to a Los Angeles based karate class. And with when daddy is a drummer, having some quick moves and skills of those limbs is probably important in that family.

Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe
Reese and Ryan’s son Deacon goes to a regular Karate class and both mom and dad do drop off and pick up duty. It’s nice that the two have worked out a good system that works with their kid’s schedule.

Do your kids do any martial arts? If not, are you planning on signing them up?

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  • Verónica Ramos

    I love to see how hollywood parents take their kids to karate. I’m from Spain and I’m about 5 times tof being Champion of my country (in my opwn category, of course). I’m tired of people who think/say that if you’re a karateka, you’re a terrible and violence person. I am the most CALM woman in the World and I don’t use my martial arts habilities on the street IF this is not necessary.

    So, a big YAY for these Hollywood parents and kids!

  • Verónica Ramos


  • Andrea

    there are different types of martial arts…in fact, Michael Wahlberg looks to be wearing a taekwondo dobok. My son attends taekwondo classes every week, and there is nothing violent about it. They are taught technique, control and most importantly, discipline!

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