Are Jon & Kate Gosselin Headed Toward Bitter Custody Battle?

While Kate Gosselin is raking in the ratings on Dancing with the Stars, her ex-husband Jon Gosselin claims to be spending all of his time with the kids. We learned yesterday that Jon plans to fight for custody of their eight children and an insider close to the family says the kids are indeed happier when they’re with Jon. “The kids have always preferred Jon over Kate,” Life & Style reports. “The kids always come in second or third in Kate’s life. The nannies have more of a bond with them than her.”

Jon claims that Kate is neglecting the kids while she continues to make money. In the meantime, he can’t afford the thousands in child support because TLC won’t let him work. “When it’s technically her time to be at home and she’s away, Kate doesn’t allow Jon over and has nannies stay with the kids,” the insider says. “Jon is just trying to do what is in the best interest for the kids and him.”

But is the children’s best interest truly Jon’s main concern? Further reports state that Jon is going broke, which is why the former reality TV star is seeking primary custody of their eight children. Reportedly, he wants to end his support payments and have Kate pay him.

Life & Style goes on to report that Kate continues to capitalize on her children in her new book, I Just Want You to Know: Letters to my children on Love, Faith and Family. Kate pens a deeply personal letter to each of her eight children and apologizes for breaking up their once perfect family.

Writing to son Collin, Kate implies that the 5 1/2-year-old has a fear of abandonment and that her split with Jon has hit him the hardest. “I will never leave you,” she writes to him. “I know that all the recent events in our family structure have greatly upset you, maybe you most of all. When I leave for work, I will always come back.” And to son Aaden, she apologizes for taking away his dad. “I do not possess the skills to father you,” she writes. “But I will do everything I can to show you the way.” Kate also owns up to bullying her ex-husband. “Much of what I said to Jon was unwarranted,” she admits.

While Kate’s confessions may tug at readers’ heartstrings, making such private information public could possibly humiliate and harm the children in years to come.

“She’s back in diva mode,” an insider says to Life & Style. “She’s not the sweet, humble woman she’s been pretending to be. Some of the kids are rebelling,” the insider continues. “The older girls are throwing around attitudes, and the younger kids are acting up at school. She’s caught up in herself now,” the insider explains. “She’s all about Kate.”

Who has the children’s best interest at heart?

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  1. Anonymous

    I feel bad for the kids, and even though I dislike him I’m pulling for Jon to get custody.

  2. Kediia

    Poor Kids …
    Wow I actually thought that she was a good parent
    And now I’m realizing that .. Jon is better ….
    Even if I dislike him …

  3. Anonymous

    How is her being on Dancing With the Stars make her a bad parent. It’s a limited run? Other people who are on there have children? So she wants a career, other woman have children and careers. He’s just whining because he came out on the losing end, after doing stupid things.

    • Shelly

      I agree with that – but people really hate this woman (which makes me laugh because they have no personal reason to feel that way) and will say anything to trash talk her. Jon screwed up – plain and simple. He shouldn’t have bedded any 20 yr old who would look at him twice. Hindsight and all that Jonny boy. I hope Kate continues to rake him over the coals.

  4. Anonymous

    I don’t think its just her being on DWTS. I think its a combination of things…her constantly being away for example, her temper issues, the fact that she kids pulling her kids personal life in the spot light etc… Although I really don’t like what Jon does in his personal life I always though with the kids he handled them a lot better than she did and they do seem happier with him.

  5. Shelly

    Are people really so naive to think that these “insiders” don’t get paid by the trash mags for their information? What child doesn’t throw tantrums? I’m married for nearly 16 years and my kids have had a fit or two. I don’t get why people put Kate on this pedestal that she’s supposed to be above all things then take joy in ripping her down.

    I think the kids perfer Jon because he lets them get away with so much stuff. Either way – both of them need to keep their fool mouths shut and deal with what’s going on.

  6. Anonymous

    AND what about Marie Osmond who has 8 kids of her own.. several of them
    are under the age of 10.. so why isn’t she a bad parent.. Jon just smells
    the money pouring in from the show .. he is jealous that she is so popular
    now on her own without him.. and the only way to get back is through the
    kids.. Good Luck Jon lets see now you have had 3 girlfriends took one to
    Europe and live in New York City not where your kids live.. so how often
    are you there for the kids..rarely.. she has her sister and her mom helping
    out.. if she wants to be on a show and she is popular there is no judge who
    would give the kids to Jon

  7. Anonymous

    I don’t think him sleeping with a 20y/o has anything to do with ability to be a father. Hell im older than him and if I had a chance id be with a 20 y/o I’d give it a couple thoughts 😛 when it comes down to it I think he’s a good father who needs to grow up in his personal life and I think Kate’s an okay mother who needs to get her priorities straight.

    As for Marie Osmond I think she skates by on people criticizing her mothering because unlike Kate she never pull her kids in the spotlight and usually you don’t talk about what you don’t see

    • Anonymous

      Maybe everyone who is commenting should evaluate their own lives and stop criticizing! Kate may have some imperfections but I believe she is truly thinking about only the children. In the show Jon and Kate there is never true evidence of Jon having any real interest in the kids. The mag’s don’t tell the whole truth as we all should know by now!

  8. Anonymous

    I think its weird that people say that judges will look at Jon’s love life and wouldn’t think about giving him the kids but has anybody looked at Kate. She has a habit of trying to emasculate men. Its pretty infamous the way she treats Jon and now you can see her doing the same to Tony in the videos on Dancing with the stars so what’s gonna happen to her boys if they’re left in her care? Truth be told I think both of them would profit from parenting classes

  9. Peta

    Both these ‘adults’ need to grow up. >_< They have 8 children to consider. They may not like each other much, but this matter can be handled with more maturity than I'm seeing from either party.

  10. Kate Fan

    The show “Issues” says that tonight “This Means War” between Kate and Jon. What happened to these two?? the Issues host Jane Velez-Mitchell has been covering this story and she is supposed to have new information on it tonight. Did they ever get counseling?

  11. kitty

    I watched “Jon and Kate Plus Eight” from the beginning. Kate was a controlling wife and mother (selfish and hateful).
    She treated Jon like crap from the start to the end of the show.
    Jon is no prize. But I just don’t get why people are saying Jon didn’t work. Jon worked as an IT specialist for the 3 or 4 year while taping of the show. He would get the twins ready for school, feed them breakfast and drop them off at school before he went to work. One of my favorite parts of the show was when Jon would call home during lunch and talk to the little kids. His coworkers would gather around his speaker phone to listen. Super Cute.
    Jon just totally lost himself in all this craziest. It is to bad he couldn’t hold on to his common sense. Jon let Kate beat all the self confidence and self esteem out of him. It is to bad. He would have made the better parent. Now those poor kids don’t have one reliable parent.

  12. cemetreesc

    you know, i don’t like john or kate but if john is willing to actually be THERE for his kids vs. off tanning and getting hair done than i support that. even when kate wasnt doinf DWTS she was off all the time on tours for stuff and leaving the kids with nannys and when she is there usually it is the nannies you see going after the kids etc..

  13. Anonymous

    I don’t understand why Kate and Jon can’t just get jobs in the town they live in. Wouldn’t that be far better for the children than to constantly be left with nannies? If Kate is intent on living the Hollywood life, perhaps she should move herself and her children to Hollywood.

  14. Yvonne Felix Ginder

    People just need to leave her alone, and stop with the lies that are told about her all the time .She needs to work wither it’s going to a place of business, or on TV, book signing. She has 8 kids people did you hear me 8 kids. kate needs to earn a living to provided for her children. What Jon did to kate by parading women he was involved with around in pubic, was so cruel to Kate and so disrespectful to his kid. I wish Kate nothing but success in everything and anything she does. God will always protect Kate and the kids no matter what..!!!! Amen
    P.S. Kate I will always be one of your biggest fans…!!!!!

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