Gordon Ramsay: Family Man

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, of Kitchen Nightmares fame, spent Tuesday evening out with his family in West Hollywood, Calif.

Chef Ramsay, along with wife Tana Ramsay, and two of their four children – daughters Megan Jane, 11, and Holly Anna, 9 – enjoyed dinner together at Boa. It was nice to see the softer side of the cutthroat culinary artist as he carried his tired daughter out of the restaurant.

We last spotted the family at Heathrow airport as they prepared to depart for the US.

Gordon and Tana, who have been married since 1996, are also parents to 7-year-old Matilda Elizabeth and to Holly’s twin brother, 9-year-old Jack Scott.

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Photo credit: WIC/Fame Pictures


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  1. Anonymous

    I think Gordon is getting high blood pressure, his face is always red now.

  2. Nicolle

    cute family, but she seems just a little too big to be carried even if shes tired, but whatever.

  3. AJ

    And everyone gets their knickers in a knot about Jen carrying 4 yr old Violet, this girls 9!

  4. Anonymous

    @ Anon– I agree, his face does seem to be red most of the time… but I think this is due to sun burn, not high blood pressure– you can see the sunglass marks around his eyes lol.

  5. kat

    That is 7 year old Matilda, not Holly.

  6. Anonymous Not

    Oh no, he’s carrying his child. He must have low morals, be a bad person and an unfit parent. Don’t get upset anyone but I’m just using irony.

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