Kelly Rutherford & Her Shopgirl

Mommy-and-me time! Gossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford and her daughter Helena, 10 months tomorrow, went shopping on Robertson Blvd. in Hollywood on Tuesday (April 6). The mother-daughter pair were playful and smiley as they hit the shops on a sunny California day.

Big brother Hermés, 3, was not spotted with the gorgeous duo.

Kelly filed for divorce from the kids’ father, German businessman Daniel Giersch, when she was just three months pregnant with Helena.

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Photo credit: Fame

  • OneLove715

    By no means am I being rude… I think Kelly is a very respectable woman. But does this little baby have Down syndrome??

    • jules

      That’s exactally what I was wondering…

  • m.

    i was wondering the same thing…

  • JMW

    OOOOOHHH I thought the same thing – Weird

  • Anonymous

    why would u ppl think that? She looks beyond adorable [not that peopel with d.s. don’t] and that’s all i thougt when I saw the pics. How do kids with d.s look, am curious?

    • OneLove715

      I guess if you don’t know what a down syndrome baby looks like you wouldn’t understand why we all think this. Just think Sarah Palin’s baby boy or google it. Major similarities… We aren’t being rude, she is still an adorable baby.

  • leah

    This is a baby with down Helena doesn’t have Down syndrome she looks like a typical baby. A baby with down syndrome has a physical signs like Flattened nose Small ears Small mouth Upward slanting eyes Wide, short hands with short fingers.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not just this picture – I’ve always thought her face looked like she might have Down Syndrome. Still, sometimes people just look like that even when they don’t have it. One of those plastic surgery shows recently featured a normal adult woman who had features that made people think she had Down Syndrome. It apparently really caused her a lot of stress, anxiety, and depression throughout her life because of how people treated her, so much so that she finally had plastic surgery to make her face look more “normal” so that people would stop treating her like she was retarded. The whole story was pretty sad.

  • nanpan

    I thought the same thing. Not to be rude, whether she has Down’s or not, it doesn’t matter, she’s still cute. But, she definitely looks like a baby with Down’s Syndrome.

  • Cabos

    I knew most (if not all) comments would be about the baby looking like a one with Down Syndrome. The baby is adorable, but it does look like one. Maybe she isn’t. Kelly hasn’t said anything about that, so maybe it’s just her looks and it’s not really her condition.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve thought the same since the very first photo of her.

  • Sophia

    I see where you are all coming from, but I’m 99% sure it’s just a “look” Helena has about her. Wide face, slightly centre-focussed eyes… it isn’t Down’s Syndrome though.
    Personally I think she’s just precious, really, really sweet 🙂

  • Solène

    The baby just looks a lot like both her parents, nothing to do with Down’s Syndrome. She’s beautiful in a unique way!

  • Carly

    Sincerely one of the cutest babies I have ever seen! When I came to post on this article I assumed there were so many comments because other’s felt the same.
    To each their own.
    beautiful little girl!

  • Nicky

    Cute baby

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