Lou Diamond Phillips’ Fairy Princess Takes Flight

Lou Diamond Phillips and wife Yvonne Boismier Phillips were spotted out for a walk in Vancouver, British Columbia on Monday (April 5) with their 2 ½-year-old daughter, Indigo Sanara.

The adorable little girl skipped along wearing a cute fairy costume – green wings and a wand – while holding both of her parents’ hands.

Lou, 48, is also father to 12-year-old twins, Grace Moorea and Isabelle Patricia, and 9-year-old Lili Jordan with ex-wife Kelly Preston.

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Photo credit: DZILLA/bauergriffinonline.com


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  1. Claire

    I believe it’s Kelly Phillips not Preston 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    He definitely was not married to Kelly Preston.

  3. Sophia

    Yeah, I totally did a double take when I read Kelly Preston. Unless there’s some other Kelly Preston out there, or she has a child we don’t know about, that’s got to be a blunder. Wikipedia informs me that he had the twins with Kelly Phillips, but doesn’t say anything about Lili Jordan. Weird. Oh, and it’s Isabella, not Isabelle.

  4. Gayle

    I think Kelly Preston is just a common name… It’s def. not JT’s Kelly. Maybe she dropped his surname after they divorced and went back to her maiden name. Anyway, this is a CUTE kid, man. Congrats to him and his new wife.

  5. Terry

    Very cute baby girl. What coat is that? It is adorable. What a little fashionista! I wish I could still sport fairy wings LOL!

  6. Anne

    This is my fav pic of the week but I gues they little Indigo Sanara isn’t as ‘famous’ as the others on the list 🙁 . Too bad ’cause I think this is the cutest this week!!! Not that the others aren’t… this one fust ‘twinkles’ tho

  7. Deena

    Always liked Lou Diamond Phillips. Very sweet little girl, beautiful family.

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