Suri Cruise Is A Blanket Beauty

Suri Cruise, the adorable daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, was spotted out with her nanny in New York City today (April 7). Suri wore a short-sleeve dress – with flats! – and wrapped up in a blanket as her nanny carried her.

While Suri had fun with the nanny, Katie was seen working on the set of her new film Son of No One in Queens, New York.

Suri is set to celebrate her fourth birthday on April 18. I wonder if Katie has the princess theme all planned?

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  1. terracotta army

    so cute a girl, sincerely hope little suri grow healthily

  2. Anon1

    I like that she is clean and they don’t hide the nanny. I am surprised that she is already four and they have not yet given her a sibling. But Katie is still young and has plenty of time.

    • Anonymous

      Why must she have a sibling? Maybe Katie and Tom are happy the way they are and don’t think that having only one child is such a shocking idea.

    • nanpan

      I’m sure you didn’t mean it in a derogatory way, but I HATE the phrase “given him/her sibling.” It suggests that the parents should have more children for the first child, when that is a terrible reason to have more children! My parents “gave me a sibling” because they wanted me to have a playmate. My brother and I NEVER played together. He had a learning delay and served to be a huge attention hog. My parents didn’t know how to balance themselves between two children, let alone one with issues. They just assumed we’d play together, and when we didn’t, they had to juggle two children. So, one was always getting deprived of attention. Had they had another child for appropriate reasons, this would not have happened. All parents should have a subsequent children for the same reason they had their first child, because they WANT to add another person to their family, not as a playmate for the older kid, but because they 100% know they want to love and shape another human being and can do so without taking anything away from their older child/children.

  3. Dani

    she so looks like her father in the first picture…I usually never see Tom in her, but here I do

  4. Audrey

    She has siblings. Conner and Isabella

    • Victoria

      Audrey I don’t know if they forgot about Connor and Isabella, although they are her siblings, I’m sure everyone was thinking someone more her age range. Conner and Isabella are teenagers, couple more years, soon they’ll finish highschool, probably go to college.

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