Kate Gosselin & The Kids Return To TV

Kate Gosselin and the kids are returning to the small screen!

From her wildly popular reality TV show, Jon & Kate Plus 8, to her current stint on Dancing with the Stars, Kate is a ratings magnet! The media darling is now set to star in her own new series, Twist of Kate, as well as several Kate Plus 8 specials, a rep for TLC confirms to USA Today.

As the title suggests, the Kate Plus 8 specials will focus on her life as a single mother and will costar her eight young children – 9-year-old twins Cara, Madelyn, and sextuplets Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, and Joel, who turn 6 next month – despite the series of well-publicized clashes between Kate and her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, over custody of the children.

Twist of Kate will begin airing this summer and will address fan mail from those inspired by her success story. “I look at it as a loose concept,” Kate says. “I want to be out there learning from others, helping to provide insight whenever I can, though I don’t consider myself an expert on anything.”

The 35-year-old mother of eight adds that she feels the love from her fans. “The fact that people really support me and want the kids and I to do well … is flattering. I never understood the importance of fans until we struggled and went through tough times.”

Will you tune into Kate’s new shows?

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  • rachel s

    I don’t understand what’s so alluring about Kate Gosselin? I too find myself drawn to articles, and updates regarding Kate, and her kids, but don’t even know why? I don’t think its just the fact that she has all these multiples. I watched that show “Table for 12”, and found it so boring. IDK… I sorta feel bad for their kids. They’ve had to suffer through their parents bitter custody battles, and now have their mom away for DWTS all the time.

  • Anonymous

    Kate has had a taste of the celebrity life and now she can’t do without it. It is all about her now, not her children. Stay home and raise your children and let their father get a job and pay support.

    • Boston.Girl

      I hope John wins that custody battle. If he does then Kate can’t have the kids on either of her 2 new shows… Otherwise I completely agree with you! Kate needs to be a MOM and focus on her kids!

  • Boston.Girl

    I personally do not think this woman should be allowed to continue to drag her kids in front of the media. Kate, John and TLC created this need for everyone to watch the kids. Kate seems to think it is for her, not the adorable kids.

    If Kate is not voted off DWTS next week I personally will no longer watch as I feel that the show is rigged anyways. As for TLC I never watch it anymore – I stopped watching the channel when Kate got paid to get a tummy tuck and John got roots and they bought a mansion… Yet neither of them actually works. DWTS is paying nannies to watch the kids AND they are paying Kate $200K to be a royal witch on TV… I may ban that channel too now that I think about it…

  • Romeo Blue

    I don’t know how and why this woman gained so much notoriety. For giving birth? There’s a family on my block who had sextuplets a year ago and they are just middle class working people. They aren’t on reality shows, in the media etc. They go to work and support their kids like normal people.

    • Judi

      ENOUGH of Kate already. She should stay home and get the kids out of the limelight she so enjoys keeping them in. Jon should get the kids, I think he really cares about them. She’s a publicity pig. I don’t watch that channel anymore. I don’t beleive in exploiting the kids and giving the “Mom” all the attention. Poor kids.

  • Andreea

    oh i just love the show and I will definetely watch kate & the kids in any other show. kate is a great mom.. when she’s home.

  • anonymous

    …and she’s got her daughter carrying her shoes like a little servant, just like she treated her husband. She disgusts me!

  • jules

    everyone had to remember she has no other job. if she’s not on tv they’re going to run out of money. i would definatly watch kate plus 8 just because those kids are sooooooo cute but i don’t know about the other show.

    • Anonymous

      BS! Jon pays $22,000 a month in child support. That’s a lot of money. If she can’t figure out how to raise 8 kids on that, then she has serious issues. I know a family with 10 kids that lives on less than $50,000 a year. Kate is a spoiled brat with entitlement issues. She does not deserve to be rich because she had a crap load of kids. That does not make her special in any way.

    • Jon4custody

      Actually she did have a job before all of this she was a nurse so she does have something to fall back on if she really wanted to give her kids a normal life. And its not like they would want for anything . She get’s 22,000 dollars a month from Jon not to mention the money she gets from her book sales and the money she has from doing every show she’s ever been on and all the personal appearances she’s made. When it comes down to it this woman is selfish and its not fair to her kids

  • Anonymous

    Hey you go girl. People seem to forget there are eight kids to put through collage to feed and put clothes on there backs. None of that is cheap. GOOD LUCK KATE

    • remember when parents were parents

      I think there is a way to do all of that without exploiting her kids. She gets $22,000 plus A MONTH , that is way more than she need to feed, cloth and set money aside for a collage fund for all of her kids. Some people in this country manage to live on a little more then that much a year. Its sad that her kids have to be rasied by nannies because their mom is money hungry.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Haha no offense everyone talking crap, but you obviously follow her in the media meaning I guarantee you will check out both shows just to say you did… nobody can resist watching drama, its life!

    • aREALmom

      Just because people know about her doesn’t mean they follow her. Every news site and celebrity site all over does nothing but talk about this woman. Hell it was breaking news on yahoo when she got a new hair style. And when is it trash talking when people have opinions? Anyways I hope these shows fail and fast. The sooner they go off the air the sooner she can get back to being a mother to those 8 kids

    • Dana

      Is this you Kate? Honestly…when we say we can’t stand seeing you…we mean it! Go home, visit the kids…you do remember the kids right? Can you name them in 30 seconds or less? Would they recognize you with your fake hair, fake teeth, fake boobs and all the other plastic surgery you’ve had done? How can a poor woman like you afford these things? I’m sure you only did it “for your kids”…right? You are soooooo pathetic!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    When you think about it Kate Gosselin is no better than Paris Hilton or any of those young girls who are just famous because they’re famous.. I don’t understand why so many woman (mothers at that!) back her and how anyone would consider her someone to look to for advice. She is just a woman who needed fertility drugs to get pregnant and was blessed with two sets of multiples. One set not as common at the time. WOW lets make everybody who have multiples celebrities. I have cousins with two sets of identical twin boys they could really use the money but then again they wouldn’t use their kids to make money or get famous.

  • Anonymous

    O my please… Give it up and take her of tv.. She is no mother she spends more time away from those kids then she spends with them. Single mother my behind!! They are being raised by nannies..

  • Anonymous

    Can anyone tell me what exactly Jon Gosselin does? Does he have a job now? Other than just having girlfriend after girlfriend? To have to pay $22,000 in child support every month he must be doing something…but what?

  • Kelly

    I CANNOT stand this crazy woman! She is a money hungry woman, and could care less about her kids! All she wants is fame! She is nothing special and NEVER will be! Please for the sake of your already messed up kids, stay off of TV!

  • Dana

    OMG…..NOOOOO!!! What is TLC thinking? Get this money hungry, phoney, egotistical, lying, fake witch off the T.V!! Why would ANYONE want to see more of this pathetic person? TLC “was” in our “favorites” for channels…not anymore. I’m sorry but she’s the reason we DON’T watch DWTS, she even has the mindless idea to think & actually say “she” is the reason the show has so many people watching it! How did she even get on the show?!? She’s can’t even be taught to dance! She’s PATHETIC!!!!!!

  • Kate Fan!

    I think Kate is doing a great job of providing for the kids. She needs income and the media is providing that for her. Her no good, cheater husband, Jon, is worthless and walked out on their family. You go, Kate! I fully support you.

    • Anonymous

      Kate treated her husband like crap. She treated him like a servant and she treats her kids like servants that can make a whole lot of money for her. She probably threatens her kids to smile or they will hear about it later. I think she thinks her kids her the perfect money maker for her and her kids are the ones who provide for her!!

  • Anonymous

    For those of you saying she gets $22,000 from Jon how can he pay that when he has no job. I will be watching the new show because I think the kids are cute. Jon needs to be a father instead of thinking of his needs.

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