Report: Michael Jackson’s Children To Testify Against Doctor

As the late Michael Jackson’s manslaughter case continues, a new report claims that at least one of his children is preparing to testify against Dr. Conrad Murray, who allegedly claims that the King of Pop self-administered his lethal dose of Propofol.

A source tells

The Jackson family wants to do what’s best for Michael’s children and understand how traumatic it would be for them to take the stand. However, they honestly believe that Dr. Murray is to be blamed for the Michael’s death, and they believe that what the children saw the day he died will prove it.

The insider adds, “Michael’s legacy is on the line and millions and millions of dollars. If the choice is between that and upsetting the children, I know which one is going to win.”

There is no word yet on whether it is Prince, 13, Paris, 11, or Blanket, 8, who is being asked to take the stand.

On Monday (April 5), Murray attending court – facing Michael’s family – but little progress was made. The next hearing is scheduled for June 14.

Do you think Michael’s children should be asked to testify?

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  • Anonymous

    Totally agree!
    If children know the TRUTH, they MUST CLAIM IT TO THE WORLD.
    Rest in peace MJ, love you till i die!

  • Anonymous

    What is the difference between Michael and Tiger Woods both have the
    worship of fans everywhere… But Michael died because he was a greedy
    drug addict who probably did it himself because the Doc wasn’t around
    Put the chef on the stand she is the one that said when Michael died that
    the kids were in the Dining Room eating breakfast and she was getting
    Michaels.. Why if he was going to take a sleeping drug..The truth must
    come out that Michael was not different than any other drug addict…
    He was the one lying in the bed and had Dr. Murray put the needle in his
    arm and Michael could of taken it out of his arm at any time did he no!

    • Rosie-Kate, 13 Years Old

      He was a drug addict because prejudice people around the world like you have ruined his life, drugs to kill the pain felt the only way to deal with it i’m guessing. Conrad Murray is a doctor, he should know it is wrong to administer drugs which are not meant to be used outside of hospitals, if you believe that he is not guilty of homocide, then don’t pretend he isn’t guilty of giving his trusting patient drugs which they should not be being given.
      If a man asks his friend to kill him, because he can’t do it himself, but there is nothing to live for anymore, and his friend does, that friend would go to prison for murder, it would not be right what they have done, they should have found other ways to help them out. It’s the same with Michael, he wanted it, Murray should not have done it, Murray murdered him.

      Now te subject, if the children really want to, i hope nobody dares stop them, or they’ll recieve a personal ass-whoop from me 🙂

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