Kate Gosselin Shares Inspiration Behind New Reality Show

We recently learned of Kate Gosselin‘s return to reality television this summer with her new TLC series, Twist of Kate. US Weekly is reporting that the mom-of-eight spoke at the Discovery Communications’ NYC Upfront on Thursday (April 9,) about the concept of the new show, revolving around Gosselin’s life as a single mother navigating her way through life while profiling other women in challenging situations. Of the inspiration behind the show Gosselin says,

Every day I hear from women across the country who have incredible stories but are overwhelmed with their lives, asking me for advice on everything from potty training to organization. None have asked for dancing advice, however. Just thought I’d add that. So on my new show Twist of Kate, I’m going to spend a few days in their lives experiencing their challenges firsthand and lending a helping hand and maybe even some time off.

The shows co-stars, Jon & Kate’s eight children, who the Dancing With The Stars mom once said were “sobbing” when their first show ended, are looking forward to “taking some fun trips and having some great adventures. They’re very excited,” says Kate.

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  1. violet

    Go away Kate and be a mother to your 8 young kids. It’s sad that her kids see the nanny more than her. She is the worst dancer ever to be in dancing with the star.

  2. Anonymous

    just don’t watch then TLC will get the message we don’t care about her and don’t record it either cuz that counts towards an audience. Even if you just watch 2 min you are counted as a viewer stay away from TLC and its ridicolous programming its like the Enquirer of TV

  3. martina

    OMG! I absolutely detest this camera hogging, golddigging, superficial, pretentious, spoiled power-monger who really thinks of nothing but herself!
    She is Oh so desperately reaching extremely far to keep her hand in any cookie jar that is even remotely ajar. Wow, you can virtually smell the desperation emitting from this money hungry, grab happy selfish little troll while the fame and fortune wheels are spinning and burning rubber in her one track vindictive mind. HEY TWISTED KATE! WHERS YOUR 8? Its kinda funny and quite ironic how the one thing that made her famous (her 8 is never around, nor is she ever with her 8) HEY KATE, SPEND TIME WITH YOUR 8)

  4. Anonymous

    Why on earth would anyone ask this woman for advice? She can’t even get her own life together. How is she going to help you? Do you want your family to be like this train wreck? Jeez, Dr. Phil could give you better advice and he’s an idiot!

  5. Anonymous

    Why do so many people attack Kate??what has she ever done to anyone?seriously,all she ever wanted was to be a mom,after the twins she loved being a mom so much she wanted another baby,so she ended up with six,now she’s doing her best to keep the house for them.John screwed everything up,not Kate.I think she was real on John and Kate plus 8.Jon didn’t listen and wasn’t to swift,i’m sure every wife has rolled her eyes at the dumb things our husbands do or say,it wasn’t a good enough reason for him to cheat.At least Kate tried to handle Jon’s idiotic behavoir with grace and didn’t put him down repeatable in the media like Jon did.So really,what in the world did Kate actually do to deserve so much flack?Give her a break already.

  6. layla

    At least Kate tried to handle Jon’s idiotic behavior with grace and didn’t put him down repeatable in the media like Jon did. Really Kate put john down every chance she get she make fun of his balding hair. He weights his parenting style. Kate is an awful person point blank.

    • Anonymous

      She even made comments about the way Jon breathed! Kate is simply searching for fame. Jon wanted to stop the show & she didn’t. They had already made millions. Where did the money go? She should not need to work on TV to support her kids. Plenty of women support numerous kids in regular everyday jobs. Face it folks….Kate just wants fame & fortune….more so than she wants her kids! And another thing, after the twins, Jon didn’t want any more kids…hmmm…wonder what happened there????

  7. Anonymous

    Im tired of hearing about how Kate is stuggling to support her kids. She had a reality show were she got to take her kids all over the place like disneyworld and that ski trip for free and now she gets a complete makeover with her hair which was probably free. Im bitter cause im a single parent of 4 young kids and im struggling to support them, but im managing and still standing. I don’t have time to complain cause i have my kids to think about. Their my first priority and i will always put them first over me. At least she’s lucky she can make her ex hubby contibute. My husband passed away and my parents passed so i only have few relatives that help me out with the kids. Kate stop complaining and move on. Get a real job and Jon pay childs support. They don’t think of the kids and how this is or will affect them. Im sure they see there parents on the mags when they go to the store and i wonder if they hear things about them at school. Kate needs to step out of the public eye for the sake of her kids and Jon needs to grow up and stop being an ass.

  8. Anonymous

    If all you do is get on here to talk crap about Kate that is ridiculous!! She is doing the best that she can in the situation she is in. She is just trying to support her family. One of the main reasons why she is getting a new tv show is because her kids missed the crew. They pretty much spent there whole lives around them. So instead of saying that Kate is only thinking of herself you should really find out some facts before you start bashing on Kate!! As for you guys that feel bad for Jon…..i am not even going to discuss that!!

  9. Anonymous

    Kate did not pay for her hair, tummy tuck or anything. No, she cannot just be with her kids. She’s a single mother and she has to work. Show biz pays enough to support 8 kids — nursing sure won’t. Like any of you would turn down TV etc? Yeah right.

    Kate does spend time with the kids — way more than Jon who chose to buy a New York apartment far away from the kids right at the hard time for the kids when the couple first separated. She flew down from DWTS to spend Easter with her 8. Say what you will, but Kate lovers get our way! We’ll watch all the shows she’s on — you can just not watch her instead of trashing her every chance you get because your lives with your own kids need work…

    • Anonymous

      Jon Chose to buy a place in New York for Job opportunities, you dont see him on dancing with the stars or wanting another reality show. Jon made his share of mistakes but when he gets a chance to spend time with the kids he spends time with the kids. Kate is more worried about how she looks, nursing may not make enough but its an honest, hard working profession.

  10. Anonymous

    Kate isnt working a normal 9-5 job she is only looking out for herself. She sits there and complains about not having any money to keep a roof over her kids head, but turns around and has plastic surgery, new hair…etc where is the money…kate?

  11. Edie

    I think Kate is a great mom, who has to support herself and her 8 kids, while her ex goes off and tries to relive his teenage years. She could never get a job that paid enough working 9 to 5 as a nurse, so there for she has to go above and beyond the call of duty. I can’t wait to see her new show, and who knows maybe she can come visit me, I have 6 kids and could use some advice. My prayers are with you Kate, God Bless! Keep on keeping on, and keep your head up high!

  12. Anonymous

    I have two children and theres nothing better then to see them every day and to watch them grow so kate have fun you only live life once hope we get to see you and the kids .PS HAVE FUN AND ENJOY

  13. Anonymous

    Kate is ridiculous and I don’t know who on earth would ask for her advice on ANYTHING. I hope her new show is a flop, then maybe she’ll go home and actually spend some time with her kids. Those poor kids, I just hope that their nanny is doing a good job raising them!!

  14. Anonymous

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  15. Anonymous

    Any TV show and or station is very, very sick in a voyeristic way to KEEP ruining the poor children’s lives. Hello TV presidents, it’s not about Kate and her selfish I don’t want a real job lifestyle but about the poor 8 children that will have severe addiction and personality issues down the road. Please end this wierd, voyerism on young children with a control freak mum show!. It is very sick, pervited and an incredible beyond belief ruining children for the future FREAK SHOW. No other country than us would dare to view such a destructive show….I only wish and pray this goul will go away…way away!

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