WorryWoos Book & Plush: Helping Kids Understand Emotions

Most kids experience feeling lonely, sad, happy and mad, but don’t always know what to do with their feelings. The world of Worry Woos was created to help them understand and cope. In this first of a kind award winning book series, written and illustrated by Andi Green, emotions themselves are turned into lovable characters which embark on fanciful journeys of self awareness.

From loneliness to confusion, each WorryWoo offers a positive spin on topics that don’t always have easy answers. They elicit a wonderful opportunity for parents and teachers to discuss emotions in an empathetic, open ended way and are accompanied by a huggable plush to underline the point that feelings don’t have to be scary.

The WorryWoos have won multiple awards including The Creative Child Top Toy Award, TD Monthly Top Toy Award, Iparenting Toy Award and were just recently featured on The Today Shows Top Ten Unique Gifts. So go ahead embrace your emotions and find your inner “Woo” with the WorryWoo Monsters.

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  1. NinaS

    I love these little monsters. Some of the best storybooks I have read in a longtime!! The plush characters are so huggable and awesome. In today’s world I think everyone should have a WorryWoo!

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