Are They Too Old For That? 4 Ways Celebrity Kids Cling To Security & Comfort

Celebrity kids need security. And I’m not talking about large and strong men who are part of their security detail. I’m talking about their emotional security.

One way these Hollywood kids seek comfort is with the array of inanimate objects that they cling to like their bottles, pacifiers, thumbs and blankies. These items are de rigueur for the baby set, but once a kid is over about 2 or even 3 most of these things should be a thing of the past. But, if you had a gazillion photographers in your face each and every day you’d cling to something…anything… too. You really can’t blame them for clutching onto whatever they can when living in their celebrity fishbowl. Here are four ways they seek comfort and what celebrity kids are sucking, clutching and drinking.

The Bottle:
Suri Cruise’s handler (i.e. mom) made the mistake of letting her out in the open with her bottle recently. She’s nearly four and many, especially in the blogosphere, have been critical of this preschooler continuing to use a bottle for her milk. Most would probably agree that by now she should have moved on to a cup. An expert weighed in to US a while ago saying:

“She should have been weaned off the bottle by the time she was one year old,” said Dr. Jennifer Shu, a pediatrician and co-author of Food Fights. “By the time kids are nine months old, they have the physical development and mouth coordination necessary to be able to drink out of a sippy cup or a cup with straw. That development comes pretty early.”

The Pacifier:
Many doctors don’t back pacifiers at all, and some are fine with them but in moderation. And part of the moderation is that if they use one that they stop using a paci at an appropriate age – some experts say when the baby is about six to ten months whereas others say before the age of two is fine. Experts have said that one reason why children may stick with a pacifier is due to stress or emotional upset. And sadly, celebrity kids may experience more of that due to their gypsy lifestyle and the constant attention whenever they leave the confines of their homes. Some celebrity kids who’ve stuck with their pacifiers past the baby stage include: 3 ½ year old Kingston, Violet Affleck, Matthew McConaughey’s son Levi, Britney Spears’ son Jayden and Katie Price’s daughter Princess Tiaamii.

The Blanky:

Blankies are big. And when those celebrity kids are shrinking in front of cameras, often they are seen clutching a soft nice blanky. The Jolie-Pitt kids, for one, really like their blankies. Especially Zahara and Shiloh, those two girls have often seen out and about not unlike Linus with their security blankets dragging to the floor. Research has shown that a child’s blanket can help them adapt to new situations, and when you travel as much as the Jolie-Pitt crew does, having something familiar, soft and secure is probably key.

Thumb Sucking:
Not only do the Jolie Pitt girls Zahara and Shiloh cling to their security blankets but they also have a tendency to suck their thumbs. It’s a behavior that is generally related to babies and can cause problems down the line, “Thumb sucking does not cause permanent problems with the teeth or jaw line unless it is continued beyond 4 to 5 years of age. As it turns out, somewhere between 85% and 99% of children have finished thumb sucking spontaneously before this period.” So Zahara at age five is still sucking her thumb, do you think the Angie and Pitt should worry? Also spotted sucking their thumb recently is Denise Richard’s youngest daughter Lola.

Do you think any of these baby like behaviors are okay for the toddler/little kid set?

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  • Anonymous

    Personally, I don’t really see anything wrong with children having security objects (especially blankets, which don’t mess with your teeth). These children, especially, live extraordinary and probably rather hectic lives were strangers follow them in droves trying to take their pictures (shouting at them/ their parents) and were they move around/travel A LOT– it makes sense that they would want something that reminds them of home and comforts them in such uncomfortable-sounding surroundings!

    • AJ

      I totally agree. These kids don’t live normal lives. Imagine being 5 and having hoards of grown men with cameras mobbing you and yelling. Thats why I don’t understand people always having a go at Sam and Lola looking so miserable. If you see family pics of them at home being normal kids they’re all smiles and happiness. You can’t blame them for being terrified by the paps.

  • AJ

    Same with celeb parents carrying their 4-6 yr olds, I probably would too if it made them feel safe and protected from the crazy paps. If they’re small, light enough to be carried, then why not? Why do people always have to have a go at them? It must be horrible being celeb kid in those situations. We really don’t have any idea what its like or any place to judge IMO.

  • Beth

    I dont’ have a problem with thumbsucking and blankies(security items) until the age of 6 or 7. I don’t find that unusual at that age. I do think pacifiers and bottles past age 3 is a slight problem but I don’t think it’s the kind of concern that the media makes it out to be. I’m sure if a 100 non-celebrity families were watch 24/7 they would see much differences between non and celebrity kids.

  • freya

    i still suck my thumb at 16 and i know i should stop but it is so much harder than it seems. i don’t do it as much as i used to and now its really only to help me sleep and i certainly don’t do it in public but i think my parents should have encouraged me to stop around the time i started school. i was also very lucky that it didn’t damage my teeth. however i agree that these children live far more complicated and unstable lives than any of us can imagine so if they need something like a blanket or teddy to make them feel a bit safer then i don’t see the problem. i also agree with AJ’s comment about the carrying of the children, if they where mine i don’t think i would feel safe with them walking while photographers are hounding us.

    • Anonymous

      same here with the thumb sucking! and i’m 21!!!! my parents were just saying stop, but it wasn’t enough…

  • Anonymous

    i totally agree … i feel really sorry for those kids! always strangers shouting at them and their family and big cameras taking pictures of every move! it must be terrible … some people don´t understand why to feel sorry for them: their parents are rich and they can do whatever they want! – WRONG, they can´t. they can´t be normal kids, doing whatever normal kids would do … just because “WE” want to see pics of them and their family! it´s a crazy world and even money doesn´t make happy – especially not celeb kids!

    • Anonymous

      depends on the parents and the country! JK Rowling is one of the richest people alive and we have never seen a pic of any of her 3 kids! the reason? she wants to keep their life as normal as possible and also it is illegal for strangers to be taking pics of kids in the uk. i can recall a pap who took a pic of Rowling’s son David and she took him on court. that maybe is the only time it happened.

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