Carnie Wilson Steps Out With Lola & Luci

Mom-of-two Carnie Wilson and her daughters spent Sunday afternoon together at the LA Farmer’s Market (April 11). Little Luciana, 10 months, seemed content hitching a ride with her mama while her big sister Lola, almost 5, enjoyed a snow cone.

Speaking exclusively to Celebrity Baby Scoop, the musician-turned-reality TV star recently opened up about the bond between her girls:

Lola adores Luci! She’s had a very good time adjusting, it’s been very smooth. We’re so blessed with both the girls. From the minute that Lola knew we were pregnant, she was thrilled. The day that Luci was born, she was thrilled. She kisses her non-stop…. I really think it’s the parents’ responsibility to introduce way early on that the love is going to be shared. That’s what love is for, it’s for sharing! Lola understands that. And I really try to make a point when everyone’s doting over Luci, I say ‘And look at Lola!’ I really try.”

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  1. Anonymous


  2. Sophia

    …no-one’s even commented. Calm down.

  3. k

    What is it that YOU thought people would be commenting on???

  4. Dellina

    The fact that the whole family is overweight, even the baby. Is it bad food choices in that home?

  5. What the....

    Her kids are beautiful but she better start watching what they eat or they will wind up like her. Carnie knew what it was like to grow up overweight and being made fun of and I hope she wouldn’t want that for her children.

  6. Audrey

    I’m thinking someone’s ugly comments must have been removed at the beginning of the posting. Cute children.

  7. Anonymous

    fat, fat and fat – it’s the truth! she brought it on herself – SHE’S the only one responsible for their appearance. doesn’t matter who you are everyone will point/whisper. better fix it soon!

  8. Anonymous

    If anyone’s seen her reality show “Unstapled,” you’ll know how she is. She’s a whiner, a pouter, and doesn’t take any responsibility for her condition. Whether she’s speaking with her husband, trainer, friend, therapist, whoever…. it’s excuse after excuse as to why she can’t find time to exercise or eat decently. And these verbal tennis matches with people usually end with Carnie in tears, as the eternal victim. And what bugs me is she continues to make money off this weight thing, with her TV show, magazine articles, etc. Food isn’t her only compulsion, either. On her show, she also addresses her alcoholism and her spending addiction. The woman is a mess. Poor kids.

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