Jamie Oliver: Baby No. 4 Is A “Hangover Child”

Celeb chef Jamie Oliver, 34, who is currently awaiting the arrival of baby no. 4 with wife Jools, admits that the news of their fourth addition definitely came as a surprise! He also reveals it’s not the first time they’ve been shocked by a pregnancy.

“We struggled for ages with number one,” he tells Times Online, adding that his wife used Clomid to stimulate ovulation before becoming pregnant with daughter Poppy Honey, now 8-years-old.

Shortly after, Jools was surprised to be expecting her second daughter, Daisy Boo, now 7:

Then Mr. O gets back in there again, thinking it’s not a worry. But whatever they’ve given her is still hanging over for 11-months. So Daisy came along like that.

Years later, the couple turned again to Clomid for help with conception of their third daughter, Petal Blossom, who celebrated her first birthday on April 3: “We had problems having Petal, got some help from the doc. Then we made the same mistake again. And here we are!”

He adds jokingly, “Just call it a hangover child.”

Jamie and Jools will celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary this June.

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  • SiervaMaria

    I love Jamie and Jools and I LOVE the names for their girls (even if the girls might not be to happy later on). Hey, by the time they grow up, their names will be the norm lol.

  • mia

    I hope this baby won’t have a tacky name like his/her sisters poppy honey daisy boo petal blossom rainbow. If this baby is a girl are the parents going to name her a tacky flower name like sunflower apple seed.

  • Sonya

    Poppy and Daisy are very common names in the UK, and Petal is also occasionally used, so they’re hardly be unique in their names and no one will find them strange. Granted their middle names are rare, but no one uses middle names anyway.

    Can’t wait to hear what they name the new baby:-)

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