Katie Holmes & Her Big Apple Babe

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise were on the go again today as they were spotted leaving their New York apartment – we’ve been seeing a lot of this pretty pair lately (April 11)! The Mad Money star kept it casual in jeans and a tank while little Suri, 4 next week, accessorized her dress with a pink headband and red lips.

Earlier this weekend Katie and her gorgeous girl – who was adorable in bunny ears and slippers – were seen out for a stroll in Union Square.

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Photo credit: Infdaily.com / PacificCoastNews.com

  • Anonymous

    I see no Tom in her. She looks so much like her mother.

    • alycia

      That’s funny, when I saw this photo I thought the exact opposite, she is all Mapother to me

  • nicoleC

    can’t Suri walk?? She’s too old for tote right?
    and Suri is pronounce for Su-re?

  • Anonymous

    Suri always looks alert and so on when she goes out with katie but at some point she turn sinto some sort of drunk nightclubber and ends up being carried by a baby, hiding her face in her hnads and just looking a real mess. Wonder why…does the child not get enough sleep?

    • Anonymous

      No, she does not get enough sleep. Katie told Dave Letterman that Suri goes to bed at the same time she does, about 11pm or later. Her exact words. And she wakes up at around 9am. She said this back when Suri was about 2 years old. Not enough sleep for a child that age. In many many pictures when you zoom in you can see dark circles under her eyes.

  • AnnieK

    @Anonynmous I figure that she just gets upset by the paparazzi after a certain point. When she was really young, she used to look panicked and upset when there were photogs around with her hands pressed to her ears. She’s calmed down around them, now, but every so often, they have to freak her out.

    She has to be getting too big to carry, though. I imagine she’s very tall like her mother, and man, that’s got to be tiring for Katie!

  • Sophia

    Come on, she’s a sweet little girl who likes to be held close to her mommy. Totally normal. She looks so gorgeous in this photo 🙂 This subtle pink lip gloss is at least more appropriate than that huge Joker-like red grin she had going a while back.
    And nicoleC, Suri is pronounced Soor-ee. Kind of. Hard to spell out. Rhymes with jury.

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful child but I do not believe that she should be wearing lipstick. She is much too young!

  • Anon1

    Katie looks healthy these days for a change, there are times when she looks like she needs a nap. Suri is simply gorgeous. A time will come when Katie will not be able to carry Suri even if she wanted. Let her enjoy that privilege. And with all the papz, I imagine she just wants to get through it and move on

  • Anonny

    4 words. Put. That. Child. Down.

    • Sophia

      4 words. Parents. Carry. Their. Toddlers.
      Get over it.

      • Anonymous

        Parents who carry their children (she is a preschooler at this age – not a toddler) do not do them any favors – PUT HER DOWN AND LET HER USE HER LEGS!!! Carrying her is not for her, it is for the mother.

  • Kediia

    The last time I saw Suri walk (sorry I have a short memory so ..)
    was when she was in Spain …

    But wait … wait wait wait wait ….
    What do I see … ??
    I’m shocked … finally a normal outfit …

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