Carrie-Anne Moss & Her Brentwood Babe

Carrie-Anne Moss was spotted leaving Wonderland baby store in Brentwood, Calif. with her daughter on Tuesday (April 13).

We’ve only ever seen Carrie-Anne and her daughter one other time. The extremely private Matrix star chose not to announce her pregnancy or her daughter’s birth.

To protect her family’s privacy, Moss has revealed only that her older son is named Owen and that he was born at the end of 2003. Her youngest son is believed to be named either Jaden or Brooke. He is said to be born in November 2005.

The kids’ father is Carrie-Anne’s husband, fellow actor Steven Roy.

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • elizabeth

    The extremely private Matrix star chose not to announce her pregnancy or her daughter’s birth. If Carrie Ann wants to be so private then why did she choose to be in the lime light that the price she have to pay for her career. I can’t stand celebrities like Carrie Ann to be so private with their family/children.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, how dare she @@

  • Peta

    SHE chose to be in the limelight, not her children. So why should she have to tell us any and every thing about them?

    If she did, people would be calling her a fame whore. Since she and other celebrities like her can’t win for losing, then I think they ought to do what they think is best for their families. In her case, it’s keeping her children’s lives and information out of the public eye.

    There used to be a time when the gossip media only focused on the stars themselves. It’s not her fault the tabloids discovered that celebrity children are a giant goldmine, and I don’t blame her one bit for shielding them. More power to her!

  • Anonymous

    She has no obligation to tell the public anything about her family if she doesn’t want to. What an obnoxious, misplaced sense of entitlement for anyone to to think otherwise.

    • Anonymous

      GOOD I SO AGREE! It’s creepy and WEIRD to actually get annoyed at a perfect stranger for wanting privacy in their personal lives!!! This show how warped our society has become. People are so desensitized to the over sharing that is rampant that they get mad when someone breaks away from that norm and keeps to themselves. It’s stunning. And there are lots of unstable people out there who focus/obsess on celebs and their kids even- in an unhealthy way not someone who just likes seeing pictures of them out and about. She is being protective. Why fault her?
      She’s more normal than those people sharing every little bowel movement of their kids to make a buck. Nothing wrong with her aproach!

      • Anonymous

        I meant APPROACH. I wish there was an edit button to fix typos..

  • CelineDionFan21

    I find it VERY weird when celebs are sooo secretive. Is it like there’s something wrong with their kid and they don’t want people to know or something? Very odd.

    • Peta

      Why can’t it just be as simple as they don’t want their children being exposed and hounded by people? Maybe she just wants them to have a normal childhood. I don’t find that odd at all.

      With all the crazies out there, and stars of popular films like the Matrix seem to attract a special breed of crazy, I don’t blame her for not sharing much if anything about her family.

      I find this criticism of her protecting her family hilarious, though. When mothers like Jennifer Garner and Angelina Jolie are out all the time with their children and always in the paparazzi eye, they’re said to be exploiting their children to make themselves look better. When others like Carrie-Ann Moss try their hardest to protect their children’s privacy, they’re considered ‘odd’. Oh boy.

    • Anonymous

      It is so warped that the simple desire for privacy is seen as trying to hide something bad. Why is it so hard to believe that some people simply don’t want their private business (and especially their childrens’ private business) out there for public consumption?

  • Audrey

    The adult has the job in the public eye, not the child. If one cannot protect their families privacy than who would ever go into politics, law enforcement, teaching or anything else that would possibly cause their family to be seen. No one “owes” the public the obligation to put their children out there for us.

  • Anonymous

    I had ever wish one of her child is Keanu’s son, because she pregnant after making of the matrix, that’s why she keep it secret 😛 *sorry for rudeness*
    but it impossible, coz all of her babies are look alike Steven Roy.

    Don’t forget call her daughter to audition trinity role if hollywood remake the matrix! xD
    Thank you celebritybabyscoop for posting, they both look so cute~

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