Guess Who Revealed: Tobin Jack Drury!

It’s Tobin Jack Drury!

Victoria’s Secret model Karolína Kurková and her fiancé Archie Drury were spotted lunching with their adorable 5-month-old son in New York City on Monday (April 12).

Karolína and her fellow angels – Adriana Lima, Heidi Klum and Gisele Bündchen – were expecting at the same time and have all recently welcomed their babies. The 26-year-old Czech model says they’re all good pals.

I’ve talked to all of them, congratulated them. I think it’s awesome. I think it’s a nice message for the fashion industry, a nice thing showing that we are real women and we are normal and healthy and that’s why we can get pregnant, that we really take care of ourselves and our body. And we’re growing up. We’re not 17 or 18. We’re becoming women and becoming moms.”

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  • Anonymous

    Someone from Ugly Betty? haha

  • Anonymous

    Someone from Ugly Betty? haha

  • Anonymous

    from greys anatomy?

  • mimi

    Tobin Drury Karolína Kurková son

  • LJSS

    Someone from Grey Anatomy?

  • Anonymous


  • annalise

    I know that not Otis because he’s nearly one. This is a hard one my guess is Tobin Drury.

  • Anonymous

    Naaaw what a cutie. I’ll say Karolina Kurkova’s son too.
    Since Gisele, Alessandra and Adriana (?) had babies too.

  • Anonymous

    Tom and Gisele’s son Ben??

  • Anonymous

    I thinks it’s Benjamin Gisele’s Son!

  • Anonymous

    it’s benjamin gisele and tom’s baby

  • Anonymous

    I thinks it’s Benjamin Gisele’s Son!

  • Anonymous

    Chyler Leigh from Grey’s?

  • Me123

    Probably not Benjamin, since he was born in December and wouldn’t be 5 months until May.

    Not Chyler Leigh because she had a girl – Anniston Kae.

    Tobin Drury was born in November and would now be 5 months. So that’s my guess as well.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll go ahead and guess Chyler Leigh, that could be a baby girl in a black shirt.

  • Julia725

    Sarah Chalke’s son Charlie Rhodes Afifi? Although I guess she’s not really on Scrubs anymore….

  • J.D.

    I’m going to go with Karolina Kurkova’s son as well.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll go with someone from Greys….everyone (wives of cast and cast members) is popping out babies on that set.

  • skyler

    Tobin Drury.

  • Anonymous

    Mason Dash, Kourtney’s son.

  • Renee

    I’m going to say Sarah Chalke’s son!!!

  • Marilyn

    Since Tobin was born Oct. 29, I’ll say it’s him (Karolina Kurkova’s son).

  • Anonymous

    Benjamin, Giselle Bundchen’s son

  • Sophia

    I’m going with Tobin Drury. What a little cutie! And this is going to sound silly if it turns out to not be him, but he looks a lot like his mommy! Oh wow, I just Googled his dad and, assuming this is Tobin, he looks even more like him!

  • Preesi

    Jenna Elfmans 2nd baby?

  • Anonymous

    it won’t be jenna elfman’s baby she just had it.

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