Rachel Weisz’s Ordinary Life

She’s been called one of the world’s most beautiful women, and an Oscar sits on display somewhere in the home she shares with her director beau Darren Aronofsky and their 3 1/2-year-old son Henry, but actress Rachel Weisz insists that she leads a fairly normal existence.

“I am interested in playing extraordinary women, but I have an ordinary life,” the 40-year-old actress tells the UK’s The Times, adding, “Of course, it is not ordinary to get dressed in frocks to walk down red carpets and travel all over the world and stay in five-star hotels. I’m not working in a factory. But I drop Henry off at school, I pick him up. I try my hardest to keep everyone together.”

Later this month Rachel will be back on the big screen in Agora, in which she plays fourth-century Egyptian philosopher Hypatia. Shot in a tiny village in Malta, Rachel describes how the film was a family affair.

“Henry wasn’t even in preschool at that point, so he came with me. And Darren was editing The Wrestler, so he rented a little apartment overlooking the sea and edited his film. We were a family. We went to work every morning. He went off to edit Mickey Rourke, and I went off to battle religious intolerance in the fourth century. And then we had dinner and put Henry to bed. It was kind of bonkers — but how dreamy.”

Agora is scheduled to hit theaters on April 23.

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