Angelina Jolie & Her Balcony Buddies

Angelina Jolie and her MIL, Jane Pitt, were photographed holding 1 ½-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne on their balcony in Venice, Italy on Wednesday (April 14).

While Knox has been seen enjoying the view with his both of his grandparents, this is our first glimpse of sweet Vivienne in a while.

Brad Pitt‘s parents touched down in the city of canals last week to visit with their six grandchildren, including, Shiloh, 3 ½, Zahara, 5, Pax, 6, and Maddox, 8.

In response to recent reports that stated Angie is expecting her seventh child, a source close to the busy mom-of-six says the claims are “totally false.” A rep for the actress also denies the pregnancy reports.

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  • Caitlin

    Oh my goodness!!!!!!! Vivienne is too sweet for words!!!

  • Kirsten

    They are so cute. Knox seems very chill and Vivienne seems more shy. It’s adorable that Brad’s mom is staying with them.

  • freya

    they are very cute children and Vivienne really suits her ears pierced. i always thought it looked cheep but I’ve seen a few little girls with them done recently and i am starting to change my mind . . .

  • Anonymous

    beautiful children!

  • Anonymous

    Angie’s expression is a bit odd 😛 all of them look gorgeous though.

  • What the….

    These kids are gorgeous. I think Knox looks like Angelina and Vivienne looks like Brad….

  • SiervaMaria

    It’s just like I posted in a JP link here the other day. I believe that “right now,” Viv isnt to much about being bothered with anyone but Angie. That smile is so sweet, and Mrs Pitt looks completely enamored with Knox, but I’m sure she’s enamored with all her grands. I love the closeness they share and fell only sad that Angies mom isn’t there physically to share it also. I’m certain her spirit is with them all.

  • Anonymous

    viv is so gorgeous! 🙂

  • Sarah G.

    Wow. Vivienne is such a stunning baby. She’s absolutely gorgeous!

  • Mary Anne

    Those twins are definitely looking non-twinish as they grow. Even their hair color is different. But still very gorgeous…

  • Jana

    Twins? Yes. Identical? No. Knox=Angie, Viv=Brad. Too cute.

  • Anonymous

    TOoo cute for words!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Cutie patootie Vivienne!

  • nicoleC

    finally can see baby vivienne /\/\
    she’s so pretty

  • Elly

    Knox is a little teddy bear you just don’t want to let go of and Vivienne is an absolute doll.

  • Anonymous

    Knox is a little handsome boy.

  • Anonymous

    Vivi is freaking cute!!!

  • Anonymous

    Viv is a porcelain doll.
    Love her and would like to see her more.

  • Sophia

    Those babies are just… heaven. They are just too cute! I can’t believe it!
    They both look very sweet. Vivenne is stunning 🙂
    I think that Knox not only looks very different from Viv, but he looks older too? Maybe it’s the thicker, darker hair. I don’t know.
    Gorgeous photos.

  • Sue

    ” Angelina Jolie and her MIL, Jane Pitt ” – MIL? Angie & Brad are married?

    • Sophia

      They’re in a committed long-term relationship, it’s just easier to say MIL rather than partner’s mother.

  • Kati

    Cutie alert! Knox and Vivienne are absolutely gorgeous! I especially love the pic in which Viv is smiling. She looks justr so beautiful with a cute little smile. And Knox looks like he doesn´t want to let go of Grammy Jane. It´s easy to see that these two – and their older sibs – are dearly loved not only by theit parents but also by their grandparents. I´m sure that also Jon Voight loves these six very much. He must be really thrilled to finally get to know his adorable grandchildren. Now he can finally have the same feeling of being a grandparent as Brad´s parents have had for many years. Hopefully Jon, the older Pitts and the the JPs will have a get-together sometime soon so that Jon and Brad´s parents will have a good chnace to get to know each other better. Or maybe they already have had that meeting in secret.

  • Liron

    Knox is just too cute for words!!! He looks so laid back in all his pictures… I wonder what their personalities are like, they seem very different. Vivienne looks clingy, I bet she only lets her mother and father hold her and everyone else has to work hard to get her to warm up to them… I know some babies like that ^^

  • Susan

    OMG I want to eat them both.. THEY ARE GORGEOUS>!

  • What the….

    Jana said:
    Twins? Yes. Identical? No.

    Boy & Girl twins can never be identical. They’re always fraternal.

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