Kate Gosselin: “Nothing Will Stop Me From Being With My Kids”

Kate Gosselin is speaking out about the possible custody battle that she may face with ex-husband, and Jon & Kate Plus 8 co-star, Jon Gosselin. In an interview with PEOPLE, the reality show star says, “I’m not afraid I’ll lose my kids. I won’t lose my kids. We’re glued together, as a package, and nothing, nothing, will stop me from being with my kids.”

Gosselin is confident that not even the legal system could interfere, adding, “A law? Yeah, right. Don’t mess with me when it comes to my kids. You are never, ever going to win.”

Even in light of the recent allegations that Jon Gosselin has made against her, the Dancing With The Stars competitor says she wishes the best for her ex, “I want nothing more than for [Jon] to set up a stable life for himself so that he can be part of making our kids’ lives more stable.”

Kate has just signed on for a new reality show, Twist of Kate, featuring her eight children. No word yet on whether Jon will be making an appearance.

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  1. Anonymous

    Dear TLC, please stop cramming this horrible woman down our throats.

  2. kitty

    I hate reality shows.
    Kate is the prefect example of why people think that, to become rich and famous (for doing nothing) is to get a reality show.

    Our kids are growing up in a world where they think they can take a short cut from working hard. There was a time when achieving your goals in life meant you could reap the rewards of all the hard work. Now it’s all about having lot of kids so you can make a lot of money for doing nothing but letting cameras follow you around. All you have to do these days is have a gimmick. There is no need for college when you can get a reality show on TLC/ cable/ network TV.
    My grandmother had 12 kids and raised by working a regular job. I have no sympathy for Kate.

  3. Anonymous

    Jeez. What’s so special about this woman. There’s a lot of people that have more that have more then 5 kids and they don’t have a reality show. They all have normal jobs and they struggle but they are still surviving. So why can jon get a dam job and help support his kids and Kate also needs to get a real job and stop putting her children in front of the camera.Let them be normal kids and have a normal life. Paparazzi in front of your house is not normal. And anotherthing that annoying is when she mentions the paparazzi it sounds like she thinks she’s some kind of celebrity and i think she likes all that attention. And all that crying and complaining on camera is an act in my opinon.

  4. Anonymous

    ok it’s fine kate can have her show but why put the kids in front of the camera. Let them be kids. They probably see the mags in the stores and see there parents on the front cover of practically every cover and they have paparazzi in front of their house. What kind of life is that for their kids. They
    probably hear things or will hear thing being said about their family at school. It bad when you have parents that are battling for custody of the kids but it worse for them cause it a public battle. It ‘s on tv and all the mags and no one thinks of what it’s doing to them.

  5. Anonymous2

    so what’s the difference between rising to fame and being famous from your parents? absolutely nothing. becoming famous has to start somewhere. hard work, charisma and absolutely a lot of luck.

    yeah. some people have it tough in life. others have it easy. it’s the fact of life. whether you admire kate or not really doesn’t matter. in the end she’s a mom and if you’re a parent or guardian of children you have to be able to provide for them. many people have large families. but in her case, she rose to fame and has great opportunities at her door. in all honesty, she is seizing those opportunities to provide for her kids and I think many people would do the same. jon gosselin lost that opportunity when he decided to make poor choices with his life.

    it’s just total bullsh*t if people say that if they were in her shoes, that they would go to mcdonalds to flip burgers or get a so called real job, or perhaps live off government assistance, go back to living check to check. are you in looney town? just because she’s going out there to make money in order to provide for her kids doesn’t mean she is neglecting her kids. dwts is not a forever gig. and seriously… many parents aren’t with their kids 24hrs a day, seven days a week either. if someone sends their kid to daycare or for someone to take care of them while they work, are they irresponsible? what’s the difference between a “born star” i.e. tori spelling letting a babysitter take care of her kid and kate gosselin who rose to fame to take care of her kids while they work?

    bottom line. if you have kids you have a responsibility to care for them financially. of course emotional care and wellbeing is important too. we can’t see how kate interacts with her kids behind close doors and when cameras are off. but i believe no matter how much she tries to convince the world how much she loves her kids, she knows it herself that she loves them dearly and is trying her best despite everyone’s constant criticisms of her. goo kate! even though you don’t dance well, you are doing whatever it takes to provide and set a good example despite a cheating ex and a brother who wants to sell his own sister out of lies for money.

    • Anonymous

      I agree!! The situation is at a point where she cannot go and get a normal job so she is doing what she has to do. She is taking care of her kids – just like all of us other working moms.

    • Anonymous

      money is one thing. LOVE AND ATTENTION are another. so which is more important? so who will group up to be a better kid, an absentee celebrity mom who can provide or a hardworking mom who is always there for her children. Yes, you don’t even know what’s goin on when the camera is not there so it not safe to say that this children are well taken care of. at their age, i will never ever leave them to nannies and strangers. they can be exploited and abused without my awareness. so is it really worth it to be a celebrity mom, working your ass off somewhere far away from your kids? is the money really worth it?? think about it. if you are really a good mom, you don’t need to tell the world how you love your children. maybe she is trying to convince herself that she is doing the right thing when deep inside she doesn’t know what her children really wants!

    • Anonymous

      maybe she can get an acting job “pretending” to be a nurse…the pay is better. But oh yeah…she can’t act. And as a fellow nurse…no one would ever want to work with someone like her.

  6. Anonymous

    people have choices and kate and jon made a choice to have kids. They had fertility treatments which they both knew that may result in multiple children. They know that when you have kids that your finacial expences will increase. And is having a job on tv really worth it just to have you private life splatterd all over the magazing cover and all over the tv were your children can see. No one thinks how it’s affecting the kids. I rather have a real job and i may be struggling to support my kids but i dont want that kind of attention that kate is getting and i want my kids to have a normal life.

  7. Anonymous

    She is freakin’ hot!

  8. andreea

    I agree with Anonymous2! Very well said.
    I totaly respect Kate and I think she’s doing a great job!

  9. gender role suck

    There are to of child stars on tv and movies. Who work work, these kids were at home living their lives.I am sorry but I would have done the same thing. There are ton of reality show with children so if Kate is a bad parent for it then, so are the rest of them. all she want to to is bring money home and feed her family, I am not mad at her because I will do anything for kids anything at all. What make 7.15 an hour when you can make 1000 a day… she is a good mom and I think as long as her kids are being care for then we should back off of her. I think people hate her because they feel she is getting something for nothing or they wish they could have the same sweet deal.


    What are you talking about 12 of Tiger Woods mistresses are now famous
    made their way into Vanity Fair magazine.. now each and every one of them
    can call themselves a celebrity.. So it doesn’t take a lot these days to make
    it in hollywood…Just let her be like they said already Kate is a celebrity she
    put her kids on a national tv show..Just like the mom that has nineteen kids
    now we have to see her baby … just as she is also a grandmom both born
    on the same time…

  11. Janna

    I’m confused. Doesn’t Pam Anderson have kids, too? How come no one is bashing her in for leaving her kids to be on a TV show? The host of the freaking show has 4 kids… still no bashing. Why Kate Gosselin? Why not bash Brad Pitt for shooting a movie when he has kids? Why not bash Elizabeth Hasselbeck for being on a talk show while she has kids?

    I don’t get it.

  12. Anonymous

    Nothing will stop me from being with my kids unless I get an opportunity to be on camera and in the spotlight.

  13. Nicolle

    from personcal experince, I know how it is having a parent you don’t see 24/7 because of their job. Sometimes I missed my dad when I came home from school and he wasn’t there, but he was working hard to provide a secure and good life for me my mom and brother., and I never doubted my dad loved me or would do anything for me. Thats what kate is doing. She is working as hard as she can to provide for her kids, and maybe shes not there everyday, but clearly her kids know she would do anything for them if, and when they grow up they will be grateful for all their mom did for them to life a good life. Wether its a reality tv show, or dtws.

  14. anonymous3

    the more money you have, the more problems you’re gonna get. — poor kate…. i suggest you to take the kids, take the money and ruun for the hills before jon gosselin comes with his beer belly and wanting to steal all the kids college money for his own selfish childish behaviour! i wish i was a judge, i throw jon out of court and tell him to come back when he becomes a man!

    who’s bought into the “media bullsh*t”? what is media bullshiet anyway? there’s plenty of media bullshiet going around… but i don’t think any of us here said the more money you have the better person you are… in kate’s case, the more money she makes, the easier her life is. like i said, just because kate gosselin rose to fame and the opportunity came to her door, i think she made a pretty sweet and smart choice in choosing that life over working 12+ hour shifts a day as a nurse while money rolls in slowly and living check to check. sure, some people will be ranting and judging on that kind of life style and say that someone who is greedy or say that people on tv are narcissistic/attention wh0res… but really you are looking at things so narrowly. you see, there are different ways to make money and hers just happens to be on television and in your face and the money is rolling in fast. this is the fact of life. there are people who work outside of tv and people who do tv shows/soap operas for money, some people who do life documentaries etc. and as it exists we are the people who pay for our basic cable and watch these people live their life and consequently they have a big paycheck going into their pockets. i can go on and on about other childhood tv stars that turned out great even after being on television. for example. mary kate and ashely olsen were playing babies on full house… they are now are making millions of money and turned out to be very well adjusted adults and business women.

    whether your life or anybody’s life turns out to be on television or played out behind closed doors is really up to the person and not us. so, we see that kate got that opportunity to be on television as has been given that choice to be on television. great, that’s her new job that pays the bills a lot faster and easier. that is being smart and not being greedy. it’s a fact of life. we all have opportunities that come and go and it so happens that her opportunity is huge. you got to be REALLY stupid to turn down making 80,000 for a half an hour show over making that same amount in 365 days a year!!! whatever your theory is for celebrities is really flawed. with fame, comes money. as kate rises to fame, the jealous people will always rant at what she makes and call her greedy and all kinds of nasty names. but in the end, money comes, money goes. you make it then you have to give it away. you pay your taxes, your water bills, your hydro bills. kate is really lucky to get that opportunity and seize it, because most mothers or ANYONE would want to catch a break too… it’s not really media bullshiet it’s a fact of life. the more money you get, the SMARTER kate is for doing it. in these tough times people will do all sorts of reality shows to win money… ie. survivor.. the mole… etcetc. just think of people on TV as people who make a very good living with a TV JOB. there are many jobs in our lives that we can take. some just make better money than others. television/reality is a humungous industry that makes billions of dollars a year… and that just makes her really smart for seizing an opportunity to make good money for less time. in the end, we all need money to survive. she needs money for her kids and for herself. so what? many mothers go to work and leave their kids with a nanny, it doesn’t make them any worse of a human being. maybe you’re still living in the olden days where moms are stay at home moms and the dads are the hunter and gatherers. GIVE ME A BREAK. we’re in year 2010 now. she can make her money, do what she loves and still be a great mother. please people grow some sort of brains and stop thinking that women are suppose to be at home with their kids 24/7 while men would go hunt and gather firewood. jon gosselin is not pulling his weight and being a responsible parent by providing financially for the kids… HECK, he’s even trying to live off kate! so whoever really wants to argue for jon might as well live with a diaper and a bottle for the rest of their lives or are the same kind of people who love living on government assistance and loveee low-income jobs.



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