The Jolie-Pitt Kids: Venice With Grandparents

Cuteness overload! Brad Pitt‘s parents, William and Jane, were spotted out with their famous grandchildren – Shiloh, 3 ½, Zahara, 5, Pax, 6, and Maddox, 8 – in Venice, Italy on Friday (April 16).

Maddox and Shiloh took turns jumping around, while Pax held onto grandpa’s hand. Shiloh looked adorable in her striped sailor outfit (complete with white jeans!) while the equally fashionable Zahara was seen holding onto a Hello Kitty clutch. All the kids enjoyed an ice cream treat as they did some sightseeing with grandma and grandpa.

We’ve recently spotted the elder Pitts spending quality time with their younger grandchildren, 1 ½-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne.

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Photo credit: / Pacific Coast News

  • Anonymous

    cute! shiloh’s hair is even shorter. i remember mine was really short when i was her age. and i like maddox’s hair too!

  • CelineDionFan21

    I’m sorry but I just don’t think that short hair suits Shiloh. She was much less boy looking with long hair.

  • What the….

    I think these kids are all cute but 1) I do not like Shiloh’s boy haircut and 2) Why does Maddox always wear the same camouflage pants? Doesn’t he have any other clothes?

    • cemetreesc

      maybe they are just his favorite.. when you were a kid wasnt there something you just wanted to wear all the time?

  • CelineDionFan21

    ^^No idea maybe they bought them in gross lol. but I wish they would pick out some less boy looking clothes, surely there are some neutral color girls clothes Shiloh could wear. I get that she wants to dress like her brothers and all I suppose that’s why she’s doing that but I think it’s a bit much that they buy her boys clothes.

    • Danielle

      Since when is blue and white for boys only? Last time I checked they were pretty gender neutral. I’m a straight 30yr old women and I don’t any pink, I have a lot of blue in my wardrobe. Does that make me less feminine?
      And up till 1930’s, blue was always the colour for girls to be dressed in as it was seen a dainty feminine colour, and pink was for boys and it was bright and daring.
      I’m not so keen on the hair cut, Im fine with it short if that’s what she really wants but a very short bob would be cute, just something with a bit more style, its not a great cut, not on her anyway.

    • jlove

      why? why does it matter..most importantly why do you care?

  • Anonymous

    They should buy her and let her whatever clothes she wants (with in reason of course, she shouldn’t be going to the grocery store in a bathing suit). What’s the harm in letting her wear boy clothes if she so desires? I like it that they don’t force their kids into some stereotypical box of who a boy or girl should be. I like that they just let them be who they are. I think kids benefit from that type of parenting.

  • Raven

    Cute If you look at Shiloh outfit you can see she dress like her grandma with the blazer pants and foot wear even the short hair is like her grandmas.

  • CelineDionFan21

    I just dont like the way Shiloh dresses or is made to dress whichever the case might be, she looks to much like a boy. She’s a girl not a boy so I don’t get why she wants to look like a little boy. I don’t know many girls her age that insist on dressing like a boy unless their parents force it on them.

  • Anonymous

    Whatever they all are healthy and cheerful.
    I love Shiloh, she is shining everyday.

  • Kediia

    I love this kids soo much.
    To be honest, I do not like Shiloh’s hair but if that is
    What she likes, well whatever she is still cute.
    Omg Zahara’s outfit is sooo pretty !!!
    Maddox and Pax are also so cute.

    CUTE FAMILY !! ♥

  • One Two

    in the second photograph – the one of Shiloh by herself – i think it looks like she’s doing the “Carlton” dance :-]

    • Jenny

      It’s totally the Carlton!!! LOVE IT! lol

  • What?

    I’m sure all you bored women commenting on here criticizing Shiloh’s hair and clothes must wear pink frilly dresses every day, right? I’m sure none of you step out in pants.

    Find something more productive to do than criticize a child’s hair!

    • Anonymous

      well maybe you should find something more productive to do than criticize us for whatever the hell it is “we” want to criticize….. how ’bout that???

      and by the way, i dont think a single, solitary friggin person has EVER suggested that Shiloh wear a stupid, silly, frilly pink dress. is that the best arguement that you have….seriously? no, SERIOUSLY? i don’t feel like getting into again, but i think people were a little freaked out and concerned and a little bit bewildered to see this little girl that is almost 4yrs old dress completely in BOYS CLOTHING from head to toe, including underwear and shoes. its one thing to not want to wear pink frilly dresses, I DON”T WANT TO WEAR PINK FRILLY DRESSES.. i wear jeans and tshirts on most days, and everyonce in a while a cool shirt, or a tank top or whatever. but they are women’s clothes. you cant use the excuse that she doesn’t like girly clothes, because most normal kids clothes for girls would not be considered “girly” you can find any number of cotton pants, leggings, yoga style pants, cargos, capris, even GIRLS CAMOFLAGE…omg! and jeans, with regular colored tshirts or cute button up shirt or sweaters or WHATEVER. the point is, they are still made for girls and cut to what girls are more shaped like as opposed to boys clothing which is usually baggier, but even if it’s not, even if it’s slim fitting, trendier boys clothing it’s i cut COMPLETELY DIFFERENTLY than girls’ clothing. trust me, i know. i have a boy and a girl. i’ve tried gettin my girl into my boys old jeans and they are just cut completely differently… so if you had Shiloh wearing gender appropriate, although Neutral colored clothing she would look a lot cuter and put together, and it wouldnt be a total guess about whether she’s a boy or a girl. Dont get me started on the fact that they have even, apparently, gone with this far enough that they have purchased BOY UNDERWEAR for her to wear under her BOY pants. i mean, COMEON!!!! boy underwear??? at what point does that seem like a good idea for a little girl…if it’s the comfort arguement, trust me, there are plenty of companies that make girls underwear in boxer styles or hipster styles or WHATEVER. and with the money they have they can afford to buy them, but instead they but plain colored and patterned boys underwear and boxer briefs for her to wear, as if she actually had “a need” for the “supprt” that the boxer briefs offer. and no, it wasnt the super hero kind of underwear either so dont even start with that stupid arguement either, that she just wanted to wear her spiderman underwear….that is NOT the case.

      • Kediia

        I have to agree with you, now I noticed that
        Those pants are boys pants.
        I like the shirt and blazer thought …. it’s so stylish!
        But if the it would be so great with skinny dark jeans
        Or with leggings!
        If Shiloh likes sneakers well they are
        Plenty of cute ones out there …
        Like slip-on sneakers
        Lol I won’t start giving fashion advices to people
        that don’t even know my existence ..
        And it’s none of my business lol …

        But I didn’t know about the BOYS UNDERWEAR ?!?!?!?! =O
        They can give her girls’ underwear in a boxer shape
        But … not REAL BOYS underwear ..

        But I do like the clothes … I’ve always like this kind of style.
        Not girly, kinda boy-ish, while being girls’ clothes ..
        And it’s fashionable!
        It’s just the hair that I don’t like .. but if Shiloh and her parents
        likes it … well okay whatever ..

      • Anonymous

        WOW you have a lot to say… and i disagree with all. First of all shiloh seems to be a VERY HAPPY healthy, beautiful, strong toddler which as far as i’m concern it’s the most important than all the superficial stuff you have said.
        When i was that little i used to love my oldest brother’s clothes and the other kids used to love my shirts and jeans at the times when most girls they use to wear cords cotton trousers and blouses or skirts.

      • abby

        oh my god, she’s not trying to make the vanity fair best dressed list! why does a four year old need to look “put together”. she’ll have to deal with snarky judgemental people trying to put her in a box as an adult, can’t she just be a kid? i think you’re freaking out over nothing. did you have to write an entire chapter on this subject?

  • Liron

    Wow such great pictures! Exactly for all the ppl saying they lock up the “foreign kids” when they bring out the bio kids, or that they hide the bio kids when they bring out the foreign kids… and why it’s only the twins etc etc tho I’m sure they’ll have something to criticize about these pics too!
    Like… Shiloh’s looks! shuush. I love that girl she looks so cheeky. I think her clothes aren’t boyish.. I got my niece exactly the same pants for her birthday (well maybe the ones I got were cheaper.. lol)

    Anyway, beautiful children, beautiful family… and they got to eat real italian ice cream.. YUM!

    • Anonymous

      yeah, i bet you did get your neice those same pants…except yours were purchased out of the girls department so that way they actually fit her appropriately, as opposed to these pants on Shiloh, which are boys pants, and are cut for a boys figure and shape, hence the fact that they don’t really fit her and it looks like she’s pulling them back up on her butt in every other picture.

      the shirt and the blazer are FABULOUS. i love them, very sleek and sophisticated and stylish. would have looked adorable with a little pair of dark skinny jeans or navy leggings.. or even little girls white cargo pants or SHOCKER!!!! little girls white capris and cute shoes. but from the waist down she’s a boy again.and then from the waist to the neck she’s a cute, stylish, modern little girl, and then from the neck up….well, you know what we have….

  • Anonymous

    I love these photos and they make me smile, but for the chidren I look forward to the day when they are at home and in the privacy of their family. May Shiloh continue to be set free to be her wonderful girl self and may she suffer no more teasing by anyone’s seriously misguided perception that she is somehow unfit to be successful in her biologically assigned gender due to her shape, voice, mannerisms or interests. What precious, presious children who are clearly loved by their parents and grandparents.

  • Kati

    Who still says that Bill and Jane Pitt are only spending time with their two youngest grandchildren – Knox and Vivienne – are now proven wrong. I love these pics of the elder Pitts out with their four oldest grandchildren. I love the pics in which Bill in holding Pax´s hand and Mad is walking beside them. I also love Shi´s new hairdo and Zahara´s handbag. She looks so grown-up with that bag. She truly is a fashionista among the JP girls. Love the way in which the older brothers Mad and Pax interact with each other. They seem to be each other´s best friends. They´ve grown a lot recently. Mad is a tall young man already and Pax is growing really fast too. It seems like yesterday when Pax was seen sleeping beside his new big bro in a Vietnamese hotel room and now he´s a big boy. Also Zee and Shi seem to be very close to one another. Love that pic of the girls eating gelato and Zee obviously smiling while eating her gelato.

  • tkwe

    shiloh is so tall comparing to Pax or Z!
    and looking at her outfit and hairdo she reminds me so much of Ellen Degeneres 🙂 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Who are we to criticize how a child looks? Shi is just a child..she might grow out of it or maybe not.

  • Cathy

    I look at Shiloh and think: there’s a lady who is going to rule the world! She is just fierce!

  • Popflower

    Shiloh is very charming!!!

  • Anonymous

    LOL…My first thought when seeing Shiloh was that she looked like a mini- Ellen Degeneres….
    Something is SOOO wrong with the way the parents encourage her way of dressing. There is a far cry for attention from this girl side. So sad!!!

  • Anonymous

    If she wanted to wear boy clothes, well, I guess it is possible. I HIGHLY doubt the 3 year old decided she wanted her hair cut like a boy along with boy clothes though. Not without some “prodding”…same with Maddox’s hair. He had a mohawk when he was two. No 2 year old asks for that hair style, with a bleached bang part, without his parents input and influence. Not sure why the parents are dressing/ styling their children in ways to attract attention like this. Odd.

    • Level headed

      At 3 years old she doesn’t know the difference between ‘boy’ clothes and ‘girl’ clothes. She probably wears whatever is comfy. And why does it matter? They look happy. And by the way, her hair cut and ‘boy clothes’ probably cost more than your annual salary.

  • Anonymous

    Comments about a child’s hair and fashion choices are just pathetic. She and her siblings are clearly happy and healthy. Enough said. Get a life!!!

  • Bella

    Happy Shiloh!!!
    I love you just the way you are ♥

  • Anonymous

    Shiloh is very lovely 🙂

  • Accord

    Awww such a cutie Shi!

  • Evileyes

    I ♥ adore Shiloh < (^-^<)(>^-^)>

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