Report: Jim Carrey Gives Jenny McCarthy $25 Million

Just a week after longtime lovebirds Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy tweeted the surprising news of their split, it’s being reported that he has paid $25 million to provide for his ex and her 7-year-old son Evan.

Though the couple never tied the knot – “We are already married in our hearts,” Jenny once said – they reportedly had an agreement in place stipulating that should they ever split the Ace Ventura star would provide $5 million for each year they were together.

“Jenny came to the realization that Jim would never marry her just a few months after they started dating,” a source reveals to Star magazine. “So she told him she needed an arrangement that would insure she wouldn’t have to worry about her future or the future of Evan, her now 7-year-old autistic son from a previous marriage.”

Jim and Evan formed a special bond over the years, with Jenny going so far as to nickname her former beau “the autism whisperer.”

“Beyond doubt it was written in the stars that Jim and Evan were a pair,” she said in 2007. “He’s actually helped Evan get past some obstacles I couldn’t. I sometimes call him the autism whisperer. He speaks a language Evan understands, and Evan feels safe with him.”

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  • Anonymous

    Goldd digging tramp

    • Anonymous

      She’s no Gold Digger. She’s a Gold Getter. Jim agreed to her terms and since he loved her he took care of her and her son. And in today’s world and with education for special needs kids being awful 25 million isn’t much. I’m hapy for her.

    • Anonymous


    • Marie

      Wow, you must be a delightful one! I bet you are single, aren’t you?

  • Natalie

    Sorry, he shouldn’t have to pay her anything! They were never married and he never adopted Evan! Jim seems a genuinely nice guy. Even if he did pay her, $25 is way too much.

  • Natalie

    $25 million I meant! She can raise her son on her own for alot less than that

    • Anonymous


  • Anna

    Sounds made up to me. Why would they make a deal like that? It’s her child and I’m sure she can provide for him fine with all those books and performances about autism healing.

  • Anonymous

    If her son is “cured” from autism, then why is Jim such a special “autism whisperer”? Seems a bit contradictory to me.

  • LaKesha

    Wow, the hatred. He loved her, he wants her to be taken care of, end of story!

    • Anonymous

      good call!!

    • Anonymous

      My exact thoughts Lakesha! It’s HIS money, let him do what he wants with it! What do we know about their PRIVATE relationship? It’s obvious he truly loved her and her son; they were together for a long time! I have always loved Jim Carrey and he seems like such a kind and down to earth guy, and he definitely proved that by his generousity towards Jenny McCarthey and her son. People need to stop worrying what others do.

  • Marilyn

    I wonder if this is even true. She has her own money. She doesn’t have as much as Jim, but she has her own money and her ex-husband must be paying child support for Evan.

  • Anonymous

    I spell something fishy. I mean Jim recently came out and defended Tiger Woods being a manwhore (blaming Elin instead), just a week after his seemingly solid relationship suddenly failed. Maybe the 25 million is hush money so Jenny won’t tell all Jim’s kinky secrets (he does a lot of family films lately)? I have no doubt she would trash him if there was money in it too. She claims her son is cured of autism and makes millions promoting her unproven ideas. If she’d pimp out Evan and trash her exhusband, then Jim would be smart to pay her to keep quiet. The woman has no class. Then again I don’t know if she ever claimed to.

  • Cabos

    I don’t know what to say. But damn 25millions?? and they were not even married? wow.

  • Peta

    Who are these blabbermouth ‘sources’? This sounds like something that should have been between Jim, Jenny and their respective attorneys – if this is even true.

    • Anonymous

      for real people

  • Brad


  • Renee

    eh, i’m going to call bs. I really love them both though, jenny is so funny and i love her baby book [as i am pregnant, myself]. She makes her own money and i find it hard to believe that she’d put at $5million price tag per year on her relationship. If she did, then good for her, get that money. Anyone calling her a gold digger ect must have some jealousy issues… you know that if you were offered $5million a year to be with the man you love, you’d be lying if you said that wouldn’t be icing on the cake.

    • Anonymous

      I will admit it, I would be first in line if I were given that offer! Jim Carrey is awesome, I’d date him in a minute!

  • Anonymous

    jim could never do any wronge in my eyes! and if she really did take the money well thats her bizz! shut up and get a life haters!

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree! Good lord, the hatred and bitterness here is amazing!

  • Vicki

    reading all these responses and agreeing to disagree and all well and fine. But what these ppl agree too is really their own business. They just happen to be in the public eye and they life is public. It seems that they had a mutual agreement between themselves should they split. Jim agreed to it or he would not have agreed to it or done it or we would be reading how he was being sued for it for breach of contract. For whatever reason they split which im sure at some point and time we will all find out why they did then the gossip will either stop or continue more on. They are just ppl like all of us only they have millions and we perhaps we dont .. We need to hit the lottery and then get a good financial advisor and watch who you hire so your life isnt played out in the media like this ya think !

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