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@maxarmstrong1 – How do you like my bubble bath mohawk?

@alilandry – Just said prayers with Estela and put her down to sleep. Now I am going to relax and try to get to bed early. night night

@CindyCrawford – At Taylor Swift concert with my daughter and her friend–so cute how excited they are!

@jennaonpurpose – I just paid $4.70 for a decaf soy latte that literally tastes like sweetened liquid dirt. Bleckh!

@brookeburke – I’m on a bus with 40 kids. Moms r reading the gossip mags. Btw Such bull about Kate. We love her at DWTS. Very cruel press and totally wrong

@lancearmstrong – 9:15pm. Bunch of kids over for a sleepover w/ the Armstrong kids. How to make it awkward? USADA shows up demanding blood and urine.

@tristasutter – We’re in trouble. Our baby girl just started holding a play phone up to her ear & gibbering. Uh oh.

@Bethenny – Good news tweeps:I’ve deswelled a bit,rings fit(shoes don’t)&i’ve finally grasped a maternity style.I can’t only tell u the bad stuff:)

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  • Ellie

    I’m new at twitter and I would love to follow Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Martha stewart ect… but there are so many fake twitter account out there that I don’t know which one is the real one. Help!

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