Happy 4th Birthday Suri Cruise!

Name: Suri Cruise

Date of Birth: April 18, 2006

Parents: Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Siblings: Half siblings Isabella (12/92) and Connor (01/95)

– According to Vanity Fair, Suri was born exactly one year after her parents met
– Suri wasn’t seen in public until September 2006, and was first seen photographer for the October 2006 cover of Vanity Fair (the magazine’s best selling issue of all time)
– It has been said that Suri name “is a word with origins in both Hebrew and Persian. In Hebrew, it means ‘princess’ and in Persian, ‘red rose'”, though Hebrew linguists denied the meaning of the word and other say that ‘Suri’ is a Yiddish form of ‘Sarah’
– She’s been nicknamed TomKitten by the media, after her parents’ joint monikor, TomKat.
– She’s come to be known for her extravagant wardrobe, as well as her for the controversial heels and makeup we’ve often spotted her wearing

“She won’t wear pants. Kate finally got her in jeans the other day. We put the pants on and walk away and the pants are off and the dress is on!” – Tom, on his fashion conscious daughter.

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Photo credit: INFdaily.com

  • Dani Venturini


  • amber

    happy birthday, suri sweetie!

  • Anonymous

    Giver her a break with the heels. . . She probably has a “short” complex like her dad!

  • Juanita

    Sad about the shoes and makeup. Lost her childhood already! Someone said on here about disowning anyone in their family didn’t accept her adopted childre. I am so glad someone on this earth feels that way. I was adopted to save a marriage and when that didn’t work I was of no use to anyone in the family. Found the natural family and all was well there for a few years till they decided I travel too much! Don’t know why people just can’t accept others it makes no sense. I feel sorry for Suri, with all the publicity she and her parents get, she won’t know what a normal life is.

  • Elizabeth

    I think Suri is cute I love the name happy birthday Suri she is a Aries like me.
    I love Katie Holmes my fave actress.Hope the cruise family is doing well.
    Take care,


  • Desiree

    Apologies for originally neglecting to include Isabella & Connor.
    Thank you.

  • Mindy

    Happy Birthday, Little Princess :0)

  • Anonymous

    Give me a break………….grown-up looking sandles with heels! She’s only 4 years old for crying out loud.

  • carolyn

    Happy birthday! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    This is a child given great excesses. To be in designer clothes, high heels yet (egad!!), and makeup — at 4 years old??? Give me a break. I particularly like the quote by her dad that they put pants on her and she insists only on dresses (designer of course). Obviously we know who is running that household. Sounds to me like she needs a good stiff dose of discipline.

    • Anonymous

      here here!!!!

  • Maria

    Happy Birthday Suri!!!! Your such a beautiful little girl.

  • Betty

    Beautiful little girl who doesnt need high heels and makeup to make her beautiful. What were they thinking? If they want her to look like that how come they didnt include earrings, rings and other jewelry? I almost feel sorry for her. Happy Birthday anyway little girl Suri.

  • Anonymous

    The money wasted on this little girl makes want to barf! There are thousands of children in this country whose parents can’t even afford to buy shoes for them! This is outrageous!!

    • Anonymous

      Here here!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Katie becareful with those hills at age 4. Pre-mature hammer toes. She is soo cute though. Ignore all those discriminating opinions. You have the means. Flaunt it Girl Friend:)))) Yeah!!! With limitations though.

    T from Texas:))

  • Renee

    Looks like another Paris and Lindsay in the making……

  • Diane

    Even though her dad does not believe in psychiatry, does anyone besides me think this little girl will need therapy when she is an adult and not just because of the way she dresses? Yes she is darling and a lot of little girls like to wear heels and makeup while playing dress up but Suri lives this way. The heels are cute but they can damage your feet and balance over the long run. Nothing wrong with being a fashionista though, clearly Suri is a girly girl and her parents can financially support that love of fashion.

  • Carolina’s MOM

    Come on lay off the heels. My daughter is 5 and wears heels. They may come from the $ store but she would sleep in them if I let her. My other daughter who is 8 feels the same about her softball cleats. Happy Birthday Princess! Enjoy being one while you can.

  • Lori Reece

    Happy birthday, Suri. All the best to you.

  • Anonymous

    Do you honestly think anyone in the Cruise family reads these? Of course Suri Cruise is a beautiful four year old! What four year old isn’t? Leave the family alone. Would you want someone posting photos of your family online? You may agree or disagree with what Suri wears or what her parents do but do they care? I seriously doubt it.



  • Anonymous

    Seriously… Lose the heels. She is far too young to be wearing them. And lose the dummy unless you want her to have protruding teeth like Disneys Goofy. TomKitten will grow up to be TomGoofyCruisey.

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