Levi McConaughey & Grandma Hit The Road

Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves‘ 1 1/2-year-old son Levi was spotted spending some more time with grandma this week: The pair went for a walk around the neighborhood and returned carrying a bag full of flowers they’d gathered along the way (April 15).

Lucky Levi has often been seen out and about with both of his doting grandmothers since the arrival of little sister Vida in January. The McConaughey-Alves’ certainly seem to be a close-knit clan!

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Photo credit: SNAP/GSI Media


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  1. melo1983

    Oh gosh, I think little Levi dressed himself lol!

  2. Avonymous

    yes he dressed himself in a girls shirt, a pair of shorts made out of a dish towel, and girls sandals!

  3. Ariana

    Who cares what he’s wearing? Why do people make such catty comments about a cute little boy? He is adorable.

  4. Anonymous

    For oncw Camilla’s mom lets Matt’s mom and Levi go out together. It’s clear she’s the “baby hog”

  5. Anonymous

    Cut that kids hair already!

  6. Anonymous

    @ What the….do you have to be soooo harsh? “Dirty” hmmm He’s a kid for Pete’s sake!! Yes 99.9% of the time little Levi’s outfits are mismatch..but he is as cute as a button aside that. “He looks like a homless person” WOW

  7. Romeo Blue

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – why does he always look disheveled?
    To Melo – At 1 1/2 he didn’t dress himself, those are his “smart” parents that take credit for that get up.

  8. Lioness

    Lol, I knew there would be comments about the way little Levi’s dressed… my opinion? He looks extremely comfortable, and I kinda think that’s all that matters. I actually love his shirt, hat, and sandals- on a boy or a girl, they would work. His parents are not your average Gap Kids/Children’s Place/Target shoppers, clearly, and I’m sure that’s just how they like it. Not knocking those that are- I’m just saying that these two aren’t, and that’s okay, folks.

    Why don’t we just focus on how utterly adorable Levi is, cuz he really is so friggin cute!

    Side note: how creepy would it be to be walking down the street- just you and your grandson- and some stranger(s) with a camera runs up to you and starts calling your grandson’s name and snapping pictures? Seems like such an uncomfortable situation to be in, to me… (and yet, I visit this website twice a week to look at the products of said situations.. yes, I’m a hypocrite)

  9. Anonymous

    He is my favorite celeb little boy! He’s just precious! 🙂

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