Tori Spelling: Dean & I Are ‘So Together’

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott paid a visit to talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres, and continued to clear up those pesky rumors which are claiming their is trouble in McDermott-Spelling paradise, reports Extra. The mom-of-two reported that the couple are ‘so together,” and added, “They’re [the media] seeing clips from the show this season. I think this season we kind of delve into our relationship. We’ve been together fours years.”

McDermott confirmed the couples solidity, adding, “There is no divorce in our future, at all.”

90210 actress/best-selling author Spelling and Canadian actor Dean McDermott are parents to 3-year-old son Liam, and 1-year-old daughter Stella, while McDermott has one child, son Jack, from his previous marriage to Canadian television presenter/chef Mary Jo Eustace. The actress recently revealed that she would like to expand the Spelling-McDermott brood, saying, “We would definitely like more kids, but I think right now we’re just focusing on the two, kind of you know getting them out of diapers.”

A new episode of the couples’ reality show Home Sweet Hollywood airs Monday night on Oxygen.

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  • Anonymous

    You know when their show is about to hit the airways again….full of publicity and outings for paps..I like the kids but the parents are repulsive…when they don’t have a show, they ask for privacy but when it’s on, it’s a different story. Karma will bite these two cheaters in the butt

  • Anonymous

    Who cares? Go away Tori, go away! Does Dean work? All these two do is pimp their kids out to the media every day! They are pathetic!

  • Anonymous

    I would think that they would have ran out of story lines for their reality show…come on, these two are not interesting at all. What’s so special about them? We all have families to raise, jobs to go to, etc. etc….what could these two possibly have to offer that is different from your average citizens?

  • Anonymous

    Dean is an actor? What does he act in? I have never seen this Nobody in any movies or television programs. The only thing he is famous for is having “an affair” with Tori Spelling.

  • Anonymous

    So true he is FAMOUS for marrying Tori and her skyrocketing his career. Once the reality show gets cancelled he’ll try to work but I think Hollywood sees him as a cheater and pimping out the kids ain’t righ. She is no better a married women sleeping w/a married man on the first meeting. Don’t contribute to this trainwrecks show. !!!

  • Anonymous

    I would never watch their show. They are so boring! Dean needs to go out and get a job!

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