Celine Dion: Motherhood Gives Me Meaning

Despite her difficult struggle to conceive, singer Celine Dion maintains her trademark positive outlook, saying that there is “nothing else for me to wish for” beyond health and happiness. The 42-year-old chanteuse, who has 9-year-old son René-Charles with her husband René Angélil, recently chatted with PopEater about her career and her very close-knit clan.

On motherhood: “It’s not that it transforms you — it gives you a meaning. I was just, all my life, very focused in serving my voice. When I had my son, it gave me a meaning of, like, this is the best reward that I can ever have. What a great feeling that I feel — I felt big, I felt strong, rewarded… I felt like I had such a responsibility. Singing is such a pleasure and it’s so fun, but it’s not important”

“Raising a child is extremely important, it’s the biggest responsibility you can ever have. He needed me, and I was making a difference in his life, and it made me feel so wonderful. It was so amazing when I gave birth to my son that I didn’t want to come back to show business. I loved being a mom so much that I did not want to sing again. I didn’t feel the need to. And until I had the spirit that, when he was a year-and-a-half and I wanted to sing in Las Vegas and I could do both — it was possible to do both — then it was incredible. It was a balance, it was beautiful.”

On traveling the world with her son for her recent “Taking Chances” tour: “It was quite an amazing adventure – traveling the world. It was very different this time for me to do this tour, for a few different reasons, actually, because there’s places that I have never been before – for example, South Africa, Dubai, Malaysia. That was very very exciting. And [to have] my son on tour with me, and also my mother – it was a family adventure. As an artist, it was extraordinary to be able to visit and see my fans again. And at the same time, to make, on top of that, the best of it and see the world and see treasures and see beauty – just see the different ways of living and cultures. It was just so nourishing, you learn so much. We grew. Everyone from this tour grew tremendously.”

On the tour’s most memorable moments: “Just one moment? Oh, my God … they had, like, I think 1,000 hours of movies and they just skipped to three hours. You know when we do the safari and my son’s eyes are bigger than any tiger you can see … when my son’s starting to lose his baby teeth and celebrating my mom’s birthday all together. We don’t even remember we’re at the end of the world. I think we were in Australia at that time. It was very emotional meeting Mr. [Nelson] Mandela – meeting with him and my mom, because my mom is my hero and Mr. Mandela is a hero as well. It was just intense. Everything was intense.”

On her 5-year run in Las Vegas: “It turned out to be an amazing experience onstage and, at the same time, stability for my family. I just had a baby and we moved to Vegas. He was a year-and-a-half old and I was going to perform every night, and for me to return home every night was a big deal. I never had that before. I had been on the road since I was very, very young. So for me to have a home for five years straight sounds pretty strange maybe, even though I’m performing every night, but I’m still sleeping on the same pillow. It was a big deal to return to my son, which he was really taken care of by my sister Linda, who’s the godmother, and her husband, Alain, who’s the godfather. I knew that I could go on and do my singing, knowing that the child could have stability, his home, his security – feeling safe was very essential for me to go on. And it was a perfect experience because I could raise my family, play and have a normal life, if I may say, and feel like a normal mom.”

On her dreams for the future: “I think I just want to be where I am today. I love my life. I am extremely fortunate. I hope to remain healthy, that would be the main thing. My health will bring me wherever I’m supposed to be. I keep dreaming. I’m positive, I take one thing at a time, I have my wonderful husband and my beautiful son and my entire family – we’re very close – and honestly there’s nothing else for me to wish for. I want to be, in 10 years, exactly where I am today: healthy and happy.”

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  • CDionFan21

    I just adore the way she talks about her son and about being a mother, it just shows you how special it truly is to her. She cherishes every moment and bless her heart I really do hope she is able to be a mother again. Thank you for this article its lovely.

    • Anonymous

      You better cherish the moments you have with your child, when you are singing in Vegas for years, hundreds of evenings…
      (wow, bitchy reply i just made)

      • CDionFan21

        Her son will be with her in Vegas, she’s only performing when he has vacation from school. She’s only gone a few hours a night, nothing wrong with that. She’s not harming her son, he knows she goes to work for a few hours and comes home to him. He has done this sort of schedule for five years. He knows what to expect.

  • Anonymous

    Blah, blah, blah! Go away Celine! Why does she feel the need to tell the public all of her personal business? She is desparate for attention!

    • CDionFan21

      So because she talks about her struggles to have a baby and how much she loves her family that makes her desperate? Right, not. She’s a very open person and doesn’t feel she should have to hide her struggles from the public, whats so wrong with that?

  • Anonymous

    Maybe because she keeps getting ASKED about “all her personal business”??

  • AnotherMom

    I think it’s great that she loves being a mother. 🙂 I’m a new mom myself, and I totally agree that it gives your life a meaning like no other “job” can! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Yawn! She is so boring! Blah, blah, blah! Who cares bout her personal life?

    • CDionFan21

      you must since you read the article. If you didn’t why would you read it? Especially if you don’t like her?

    • Nathye_Dion

      Anonymous… Could you PLEASE shut you mouth? Could you? Yes, you can. So, blah blah blah GET OUT. Thanks, baby! 😉

    • Anonymous

      obviously you care, since you just took the time to read it and comment

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