Christina Aguilera: I’m “More Sexual” As A Mother

Christina Aguilera says she feels sexier since welcoming son Max in January 2008, Us reports.

I’m more confident and comfortable in my own skin. I think I’m even a more sexual Christina,” the singer, who wed husband Jordan Bratman four years ago, said.

“That’s part of the change of having a child for me — seeing your body do these things you never thought possible,” adds Aguilera, whose new album Bionic hits the shelves on June 8. “When you have a baby, you go through a period where your body is not your own. It becomes for your child and that’s it. Once you bounce back from that and kind of get your body back… I feel better than ever. It’s a great feeling.”

The 29-year-old mother of one says she’s a “very sexual person” and she didn’t want to lose that aspect of herself after becoming a mother. “I think it’s important that he sees mommy not be ashamed for her sexuality,” she says. “I mean, he’s two. We’re art collectors, there are a lot of female nudes around the house. Max will be growing up in a house where it’s just the norm… It’s only weird when you shame it….”

Will there be more children in her future? “I would love that one day, but not right now,” Aguilera says and adds, “Eventually, I would like to give Max a brother or a sister, but right now, Bionic is the baby.”

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  • Susan

    More sexual as a mother? WTF!

  • Melanie

    *rolls eyes* TMI

  • Anonymous

    Everything makes her feel more sexual, it seems. She says that on pretty much every interview.

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