Gisele Bündchen: Bring On The Saggy Breasts, I Want “Lots Of Children”

Supermodel Gisele Bündchen and her hunky football star hubby Tom Brady just welcomed their first child together, baby Benjamin, in December 2009. The Brazilian beauty told UK’s Hello! magazine that she’s hoping for more kids – and lots of them – regardless of what might happen to her perfect body.

I want to have lots of children. It doesn’t matter if my body changes. It is the most marvelous thing. For example, they sometimes say that your breasts begin to sag, but I couldn’t care less.”

Somehow we feel she has nothing to worry about! On regaining her figure so quickly after Benjamin’s birth, Gisele, 29, said, “I think it’s muscle memory. I did kung fu up until two weeks before Benjamin was born, and yoga three days a week. I think a lot of people get pregnant and decide they can turn into garbage disposals. I was mindful about what I ate, and I gained only 30 pounds.”

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  • Anonymous

    I had a healthy pregnancy as well, with a relatively small weight gain, and I returned to my regular small size by running lots after pregnancy.

    But I would NEVER, ever bad-mouth the women who gain more than 30 lbs during pregnancy, or those who have a hard time losing it afterwards. I think her “garbage disposal” analogy is disrespectful and anti-woman. The fact is that rich women have an easier time losing weight, as result of all the resources at their disposal (like personal trainers, personal chefs, nutritionists, etc.) Besides, I know plenty of anorexic women. They are not healthier than other women — they are simply obsessed with their bodies.

    And, just to be clear, I’m not bitter nor jealous. I just think that her comment was arrogant and crude.

  • Moriah

    I don’t think that there was any correlation between the sentence saying she gained only 30 pounds and the sentence stating that some women think they can turn into garbage disposals. I think she’s right and that maybe you just misunderstood what she meant by it. Some women DO think they can just eat whatever they want and not exercise while pregnant and there’s nothing arrogant or crude about her stating such. I also don’t think she was bad-mouthing women that gain more than 30 pounds in pregnancy. Like I said before, those were separate, unrelated sentences.

  • Anonymous

    Exactly Moriah. Some women DO do that. Not every woman who gains 50 pounds does that but there are ones that do!

  • Posh Expressions

    I would have to agree with Giselle, being a parent is the most gratifying feeling in the world. I wish them well and hope to see more children in their lives.

  • Melanie

    The more quotes I hear from her, the more I think how ironic it would be if she had a *ahem* less than perfect pregnancy and childbirth next time round

    NB I am NOT wishing any harm on her or any children she has in the future

    • melo1983

      Haha, I agree.

  • Shirilicious

    Oh please! She doesn’t mind sagging breasts now, wait till she has them, then it’s a quick phone call to the surgery to arrange a boob lift.

    • Carrie

      I was going to say the same thing! Who cares about what happens negatively to your body if you have endless money and easy routes to fix it? Must be nice!

    • Anonymous

      I way overdo it when I’m pregnant so I know Gisele has a point. Still I don’t mind overdoing it since I’m not a model and no one will judge me for packing on the pounds. Plus if they did judge me, I still wouldn’t care because my self worth isn’t tied to my looks. For Gisele though whose whole persona is her bod, I can see why she is so obsessed. As for just getting her saggy boobs “fixed,” fake boobs are never as nice as real ones (especially compared to the real deal Gisele has now). Plus have you seen Tori Spelling’s fake boobs after two kids? Gisele would need a “fix” after each kid just to keep the girls from hitting her belly button if she had a bunch of kids.

  • Anonymous

    I dont understand why so many people take what she says so literally. English is not her first language and she has an exuberant way of putting things. Her personality is known to be larger than life. If you watch her in past interviews she is just a kind of crazy girl, lol. I would not take what she says so literal. Besides what she says to me, does not offend me what so ever. I agree with the overeating thing while preggers. you dont have to do that to your body. My sister gained only 25 lbs and excercised throughout just like gisele. so I dont see excuses really. but then again my sister was weight conscious before pregnancy, so why not be during? I think its the not so healthy lifestyle girls who mainly got offended by Gisele’s comments. all my thin,exercise friends and family, didnt see one thing wrong with what she said.

    • Shirilicious

      So, you’re automatically assuming that everybody who has a problem with her comments is just some sort of “jealous hater” because they don’t have her body. What an easy way out and it couldn’t be further from the truth.
      As for that same old, same lame excuse “English is not her first language”, if her English skills are really that bad, how about she uses some of her money to invest in a good language teacher? It’s after all the only language her husband speaks and will be one of the first languages (Portuguese the other) her son will speak. Wouldn’t she want to be able to communicate with them without having to explain every time what exactly she meant? But then, doing something for her brain has never been Gisele’s priority.

      • Judge Judy


      • Mariah

        Gisele’s English is just fine. As is her brain which she used to make $200 million dollars modeling along with owning her own hotel, and launching her own sandal and skin care line not to mention serving as an UN Goodwill Ambassador.

        Nobody accomplishes being the wealthiest and most famous model while being the #1 Supermodel in the world for years being stupid.

        Gisele just tells it like it is. Gisele doesn’t sugarcoat things and people don’t like that. People would rather celebs sugarcoat things so they can feel better about themselves.

        Well guess what-Gisele Bundchen, Christina Aguilera, and every other outspoken and hated celeb mother out there doesn’t have to pander to the Minivan Majority like Jennifer Garner does just so you can feel better about yourself.

        • Shirilicious

          OMG! Thanks for the laugh. Now I know why models like Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss are so successful, it’s because they’re … intelligent. Yep, sounds about right.
          Sweetheart, she got lucky and is savvy. Don’t mistake that with being intelligent.

          • Lauren

            Your negativity is always present in your posts.

            You’re acting as though those in the modeling world are just handed everything on a silver platter. That anybody off the street can be can be a model, singer, or actress.

            That is simply not the case. There is a reason why there are MODELS and SUPERMODELS. There is a reason why only certain actors and actresses who command $10 to 25 million per movie they make. There is a reason why certain singers/bands are known as one hit wonders and others are known for their staying power.

            All of the SUPERMODELS-Christy Turlington, Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, and Gisele Bundchen some of whom have their own clothing lines and companies did not reach their status being stupid or lucky.

            There is no such thing as luck in the entertainment industry. Anybody with any semblance of what goes on behind the scenes in the entertainment world knows that you have to be intelligent and hard-working to achieve any success. These people are guided into or handed success. It just doesn’t fall into their lap.

            You do realize that you contradicted yourself.

            Savvy is defined as practical knowledge and ability. One can not become savvy without using their intelligence which is defined as the ability to learn, understand and make judgments or have opinions that are based on reason.

            How would Kate, Naomi, Linda, Cindy, Claudia, and Gisele have managed to be as successful in the modeling world and their jewelry, home decor, clothing, and skincare lines if they are DUMB and LUCKY?

            How would they have managed to stay relevant and successful for multiple decades if they are DUMB and LUCKY?

            How have they managed to be worth tens of million or several hundred million dollars if they are DUMB and LUCKY?

            So WHO IS RESPONSIBLE for their success if we go by YOUR opinion that they are DUMB and LUCKY?

          • Rebecca

            I kind of agree, even celebs who ppl think are dumb aren’t, like Jessica Simpson.
            2 series
            7 CDs
            5 Movies
            Hair Extentions
            Beauty Line
            Handbag Line
            Shoe Line
            Lingerie Line
            & Operation Smile’s International Youth Ambassador

  • Anonymous

    Love Gisele! Gorgeous woman and so sweet!

  • Anonymous

    Wow ! Women in the US really hate her, don’t they ? Sometimes I’ll read a comment of hers and think “nobody could find anything nagative in this” and yet, when I scroll down I find that I’m wrong. First, people hate her when she talks about her pregnancy weight and regaining form. Okay, fine, some women gain a lot more and think she’s bragging, I get it. But then she’s asked about being a mom and she says that she loves children so much that she doesn’t care what having more would do to her body- how can that be taken negatively in any way ? She’s being totally selfless (like most mothers). And coming from a woman who makes $30 mil a year on her perfect body, I think its a pretty great thing to say ! With all the emphasis on having perfect bodies and the plastic surgery craze these days, isn’t it refreashing to hear the woman with the perfect body say that she doesn’t care about the natural changes that will take place over time ?

  • Anonymous

    I assume that for most of you, the only things you know about Gisele come from these little entries on celeb gossip sites. When you get to know her better, you see that she’s not being arrogant or a b*tch, but she just has a very strong, confident and loud personality. Bascially, she tells it like it is. The garbage disposal comment, for example. I love her for it ! What she said is so true, I know many women who when they get pregnant think its a great excuse to gain weight and not be judged for it. These are the same women who complain months later about the baby weight. If you’re not one of them, why are you so offended ? People don’t like to hear the truth. I’m sure everyone would have rather heard something about how excessive weight gain during pregnancy is fine, right ? Because that would make you feel better.

  • Anonymous

    People are so used to the typical, diplomatic and rehearsed comments from celebs these days. When Gisele is asked a question, she always answers honestly and she doesn’t go through the “if I say this, how will it affect how people like me ?” process. Personally, I think she’s awesome for it. Also, I find it so sad that so many people think she’s a stuck up bitch. She’s actually a really goofy, grounded and sweet girl. She comes from a really tiny village in Southern Brazil and has 5 sisters. She became a model so that she could help her family out.
    As for the English, it isn’t her first language, but she has no problem with communication. She’s fluent in Portugese, English, French, Spanish and knows some Italian and German as well, if not more. The people who should learn english better are the ones who can’t tell the difference between when someone’s being literal or speaking figuratively.

    • Carey

      Gisele came from a low middle class family.
      She doesn’t know fluently any other language besides Portuguese and English. She knows some Spanish but can’t handle a chat with a native speaker without mixing with Portuguese. She doesn’t know German,French or Italian just few words from each language.
      The rest of your post I agree with you.

  • Anonymous

    I have seen many interviews with Gisele and she lives in Boston part time (where I live) and everyone says she has been terrific when out in public. So all of you haters do not even know this woman. Everyone has nothing but wonderful things to say about her!

    • anon.

      I don’t really see any “haters” in these comments. Maybe you are taking things out of context, or imagining meaning that isn’t really there.

  • Anonymous

    Gisele “tells it like it is” which is so nice and refreshing. This woman is a super model and makes a ton of money but she is so “down to earth”.

  • karen

    I see not 1 thing wrong with her comments. I think the people who do (not all, but alot) are more and likely not even mothers themselves and have a preconceived notion on her already. I find it more admirable in a person who speaks about how she took great care of her self during pregnancy (very selfless) then someone who pigs out to know end on greasy bad junk foods, not even thinking twice how it could effect the baby inside. sorry but its true. guess the truth hurts. I find her comment admirable and so close to the truth! Gisele’s life and words are just lived through magazines and interviews so of course her comments will always be up for “ridicule” I guess.

    and its very interesting about the comments she made on her step son (which I didnt get the hoopla of her saying she loves her stepson either, lol) but from a mature audience message board or women who were mothers,& stepmothers had nothing but good things to say about that comment and didnt see the problem either. That is why I said up top I often believe people who did have a problem with what she said, were probably neither step moms or mothers themselves, and couldn’t put themselves in her shoes.

  • Anonymous

    I typically like Gisele…still do. But her comments do rub the wrong way. Good for her for doing Kung Fu and Yoga regularly. I have a regular 9-5 and another kid who needs my attention at home. Plus I had a condition that made it excrusiating to get my heart rate up while pregnant. Two years later, I’m still fighting to lose the last 20lbs. It is what it is. But when celebrity moms pretend they don’t have distinct advantages over those of us who have to prioritize and HOPE to fit in time to work out, it comes off as disingenuous.

    • Anonymous

      See? This is what I don’t get. Why is it that you feel she was saying that she’s better than other moms or that all moms should do kung-fu?
      She was doing an interview and the interviewer asked her how she got back in shape so she answered truthfully.
      Why do you feel like she was attacking you personally and that you need an excuse for not having done the same (b/c you have a 9-5 job)?
      To me, its a sign of insecurity when people take someone’s comments and begin to think its a personal attack on them as an individual.
      Gisele did kung-fu while she was pregnant, that doesn’t mean you or anyone else has to…she was simply answering a question. Nobody’s telling you to follow Gisele’s lifestyle.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks…I’m actually very secure with myself, my body and my family. However, there is so much emphasis on how quickly celebrity mothers lose baby weight and it sets unrealistic expectations. What I AM saying is that normal people don’t have the resources rich & famous women have. Period. That’s not saying she’s saying I should have, could have done anything differently. I’m saying is DISINGENUOUS to act as if “It’s easy for me should be easy for anyone.” Whether that’s how she meant to come off or not. Take Sarah Jessica Parker or Jennifer Garner….BOTH are quick to acknowledge the advantages they have over nonrich women. They say what they did to lose weight, etc, but they acknowledge they are/were FORTUNATE because of their circumstances to be able to do so.

        And by the way….running a company, a household with no nannies or housekeepers, and raising my children are not EXCUSES for not losing the baby weight quicker…it’s my reality. And I’m quite happy with my reality…thanks.

        But thank you for your comment. I appreciate you feeling you can psychoanalyze a perfect stranger.

  • Anonymous

    giselle sometimes says really sweet things, and then she botches it up. If eng is not her 1st language, then say ‘no comment’ when people ask you questions or spend a month or two brushing up on language skills. First she says another woman’s son is “100% hers” and then women who basically don’t look like her must be “garbage disposals” not to mention her perfect life, wonderful career, painless childbirth and minimal weight gain and perfect body and beautiful baby….there’s a difference between us being jealous and us being plain annoyed and fed up of listening to her gush like a two-year-old.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, what a horrible human being she is, she loves her step-son! Oh my god! How can the world allow this?! I never have and never will understand what was even remotely upsetting about that comment. She said she loves her step-son and treats him as her own. What is so horrific about that?
      And I hate it when people attack her for the “garbage disposal” comment because everyone knows that some women do think they can eat whatever they want and gain excessive weight while pregnant. People really hate the truth, no?
      Also, Gisele’s english is perfectly fine. Its not the way she talks, its the honesty that comes out of her mouth which people aren’t used to.

      • c

        To clarify, no one is saying it’s not true that some women eat like “garbage disposals.” I think we’re just saying that it’s judgmental and snobby.

        I’m a thin person myself, but I hate when skinny women bash on those who aren’t skinny. It’s tasteless. (And I’m not saying she’s tasteless in general — I just think that her comment was. I’m sure she’s a very lovely person in real life.)

  • antigoniem

    Why would she care about sagging breasts she’s flat chested.

    • Anonymous

      um…have you ever even seen a pic of her? She’s known for her curves.

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Women in this country are so insecure about themselves it unbelievable. A celeb, a person you don’t even know, talks about staying healthy during pregnancy and taking care of herself and you people feel the need to attack her and defend yourselves.
    If you were truly comfortable with yourself and fine with the way your pregnancy went, you should feel no need to write comments attacking others. If you were comfortable with your choices you would be happy for others and yourself. Clearly, that is no the case here.

    • Carla

      Exactly what i thought, while reading those comments !!!!! Its just unbelievable and sooo sad how people enjoy attacking for feeling better. It deosn´t make sense.

      • huh?

        Wait a second. Now you’re making assumptions about people who say they didn’t like her comment — that’s an unfair attack in itself. Don’t be hypocritical.

        I am sure she’s a great person. I just thought her comment was rude. I wasn’t attacking her character or anything like that. I will stand by my opinion that she is being negative towards other women, however, and that is kind of lame.

    • Anonymous

      I am not from North America and I do agree her comments can be perceived as offensive… do not assume it is always the American women. I would never say women turn into garbage disposals…. it’s called being considerate. Cheers.

  • Don-B-Fool

    Every time this woman speaks……people always say… she’s right and she didn’t mean it that way….this woman knows what she is saying and she wants everyone to know what a wonderful job she did. Well, not everyone has her money and not every mother eats more than they should because they are pregnant. Every time she speaks she sounds like a snob. That is my opinion people so deal.

  • Anonymous

    love gisele, and her enthusiasm for life. no wonder tom fell so hard for her. she’s sexy, beautiful and actually has a brain. this is best looking family! americans are pi$$ed off because “the all american boy” didn’t marry an “all american girl”, but a brazilian, a high school drop-out and extremely successful!

  • anon.

    Ha. For the record, I’m an American women, and I’m not pissed off that he didn’t marry an all-american-girl. I happen to think that he is a dumb jock and only of average handsomeness.

    She could have done better. Maybe that is why I’m disappointed in her. In addition to her being pretty snobby.

  • Anonymous

    Why are people so interested in their personal life?


  • Anonymous

    I like her, hope the best for her! She got everything! fame, rich, health, amazing body, wonderful hubby, adorable son, I am so jealous!!!

  • Anonymous

    I believe that it is after you finish breastfeeding that you see the true effects of pregnancy on your breasts – when her breasts sag she will no doubt lose a lot of money from modeling as her body will not be as “ideal” in photographs…..but perhaps she is ready to drift away from that part of her life anyway. I know how difficult it is to “bounce back” from being pregnant and having a baby – I can only imagine the pressure she feels as her body is actually her business. She is probably making these comments to deflect some of the pressure that is coming her way.

  • Shaz

    Garbage disposal?

    Every woman is different gisele. We weren’t all born to be models. Some bodies put on weight easily compared to others, even if they eat the same foods. And most pregnant woman and mothers, care about their childs health and eat good foods to nourish their unborn child, even if that food contains fat!

    You are rude and disrespectful gisele! Not everyone has a nanny and a personal trainer, some of us actually have to RAISE our children and not just POSE for the cameras.

  • Anonymous

    Shaz you are a hateful moron.

  • Carey

    Gisele have five sisters including a twin so go look at her mother to see what five pregnancies did to her body. Each sister is different. Gisele’s older sister is fat almost obese so Gisele knows that not all women are born like her.

    Shaz, Gisele didn’t hire any babysitter yet and she doesn’t have personal trainer. Just do a research.

  • Anonymous

    To call ANY woman pregnant or not a garbage disposal is disrespectful. You think she has the right to say stuff like this because she has sisters a who are different sizes, including one who you call “fat”? Now that makes no sense. I have a sister who has large feet, should I be able to make fun of her or anyone else who has large feet? No, period end of story. Stop bashing each other and start agreeing to disagree and let it go. It does not matter what Giselle thinks, it’s what you and your doctor think. Thanks.

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