Isla Fisher: Black-And-White Bump?

Still no official confirmation from the rumored mom-to-be, but actress Isla Fisher again appeared to be concealing a bump beneath her roomy black-and-white top today as she and her adorable 2-year-old daughter Olive were spotted out and about in Los Angeles, California (April 20).

The baby on the way would be the second for the Confessions of a Shopaholic and her new husband Sacha Baron Cohen.

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Photo credit: Fame Pictures


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  1. AnDrEa

    I think we don’t need any confirmation!! No doubt she is pregnant!! Congrats to them 🙂

  2. Marla

    There will likely be no confirmation, just like when she was pregnant with Olive. She wants to keep things special and private, which I think is great. It is lovely to watch her from afar, though, as she is beautiful! Congrats to the blooming family. 🙂

  3. Marianne

    She doesn’t need to confirm it, that bump says it all.

  4. Feli

    you just CANNOT hide a bump like that 🙂 she looks beautiful.
    and sacha makes some adorable babies. love him! so I’m looking forward to meeting this one 😉

  5. freya

    yeah thats a bump you can’t even deny that as a food baby!

  6. Anonymous

    Oh my god!
    She looks like Amy Adams! i don’t arrive to do the difference beetween the two.

  7. Anonymous

    Oh Wow! Congratulations to her!!

  8. Anonymous

    Isla and Olive are both beautiful!

  9. Anonymous

    Olive is a gorgeous child.

  10. Anonymous

    How CUTE would it be if she had a little boy 🙂

  11. nicoleC

    Undoubtly she having baby
    Olive is so pretty love redhead

  12. Hannah.J

    Looking at this picture confirms it she is pregnant.

  13. Sophia

    No doubt in my mind. Not just from these photos but also from some others posted on Celebrity Baby Blog where the dress she was wearing was blowing back in the wind and there was defs a clear baby bump under there, about five months along I’d say. Which is exciting! Olive’s such a sweetheart, seeing her as a big sister is just going to be cuteness overload! Congratulations to Isla, Sacha and gorgeous little Olive 🙂

  14. Anonymous

    maybe she wil have a boy, but i just can’t picture her with one. One thing’s for sure – she’s definitely preggers. Surprised she managed to fool us for so long. at least 5 months along, maybe even 6? Another girl would be great too. Olive is just precious…

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