Kate Gosselin Reveals Her Biggest Fans

Kate Gosselin is still Dancing With The Stars, however, the mom-of-eight is fairly certain she will not be making it to the end, though her children aren’t so sure. The reality-show mom told Ryan Seacrest via US Weekly, “I was in the bathroom the other day with [5-year-old sextuplets] Hannah and Alexis, and Alexis said, ‘I hope you get voted through, Mommy. I hope you win!’,” Kate then added, “I said, ‘Oh, Lexi, really, I’m not gonna win. The other dancers are a lot better than Mommy.’ And Hannah said, ‘No, they’re not. You’re the best!'”

Despite criticism from ex-husband Jon Gosselin for not putting their children first, Gosselin claims the show is helping the relationship she has with her children, saying, “This [DWTS] is the first and only thing I have ever done that my kids care about. It pushes me on to do better, to stay on the show…They count down the days until Monday!” Gosselin also revealed to OK Magazine that this past Monday (April 19) her children showed up at DWTS to cheer on mom, “I have my little chickies under my wings this last week and it was great. I’m so glad they could be here and have fun and have a change of scenery and spend time with me and see where I am when I’m here and kind of really just have fun.”

Kate may not think she will win DWTS, but there is one person rooting for her, George Lopez! The talk show host has launched a website, KeepKate.com to encourage America to vote for Gosselin. On the site, Lopez states, “Do it for the kids! Do it for her poor partner Tony Dovolani and most importantly … Do it for the United States of America!”

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  • kayla

    I’m socked that she spent time with her children since she always gone. Dwts twist of Kate book tour interviews.

  • Anonymous

    All this talk about her kids wanting to see her on the show is such a votes trick. Pull out the publics heart strings, by bring her poor children into the picture. She needs to stop using them so she can be on TV and on Mags. She is an awful women, was an awful wife and is an awful mother.
    What’s with her new book. Letters to her children? WTF! Give them to your children then, not publish them!!!! Real loving mother they got there.

  • Anonymous

    That is a picture from they used to take Jon and Kate plus eight. It is not new, at least a year old. And she was probably only with them b/c the camera’s were rolling.

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone else noticed, that whenever the kids are with her they match and when they are with Jon he lets them wear what they want and be individuals.

  • melo1983

    She just got voted off :/

  • Anonymous

    omg! i hate her! what i lie! everytime i see her face, with her tan, her makeup and with kids looking so afraid, i never really wonder. i’d be scared of her too! stop using your kids to earn money. you are not a celebrity and never will be. go find a nursing job and show your kids what hard earned money is all about!

  • Anonymous

    Woohoo…she got voted off !! No more drama on that show !

  • Sam

    Yuck, pass me a vomit bucket! They kids want her stay on the show so they don’t have to spend time with her/

  • Cari

    Most of you people have severe anger issues.

    • Twinsplus1

      HAHA! Thank you. I love coming on this site to see the cute pictures of celebrities with their children. I don’t understand why everyone has to be so negative all the time. Kate Gosselin has had quite a year. I cannot imagine going through a divorce and having eight children! I am overwhelmed at times with three. I just wish as women we could be more supportive of each other and stop using a blog as a means to bash women on a daily basis.

  • Andreea

    kate is a great person

  • sp Anonymous

    I give Kate alot of credit. She is supporting her kids. Jon just wants in on the money she is making.The cad knows his 15 min of fame are over! I hope she does well. How would you like to get up everyday and see yourself villified on the internet? GO KATE!

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