Russell Crowe & His Toy Gun Guys

Russell Crowe and wife Danielle Spencer took their two sons – Charlie, 6, and Tennyson, 3 1/2 – to Coldwater Canyon Park in Beverly Hills yesterday (April 19).

Looks like the Crowe boys were playing a game of shoot ’em up. Tennyson was wearing a toy gun in its holster while Russell held onto Charlie’s.

The family are still in town since Russell received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame last week.

Do you let your children play with toy guns?

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  • Anonymous

    That’s terrible that they were playing with guns.

  • Ariana

    My successful, adult sons always played with toy guns although their preference was more the water pistol type of toy. They had a blast! People get so anal about this. It’s a boy thing and it’s not going to turn them into criminals. Their home life will do that. Relax.

  • AnnieK

    It’s pretty hard to stop kids from play gun fighting, isn’t it? I remember little kids just using their hands as guns, and I had some as a kid but grew up into quite the pacifist, thanks to my parents’ watchful eye. Considering the Crowe kids’ dad makes a living playing with pretend guns and swords, I’d think it’d be hard to keep them away.

  • Natalie

    They’re playing dress up! Doesn’t mean they’re gonna grow up and kill someone. Compare this to Shiloh, she likes to dress in clothes that aren’t so feminine, doesn’t mean she’s gonna wanna be a man when she’s older!

  • Anonymous

    I dressed up as Dale Evans as a toddler and had six-shooters. AND shot bows and arrows (the horror!!!)
    I assure you I did not become a mass murderer.

  • Daniella

    I played shoot-em-up, gunfighting games, and super-soaker wars with my brothers and the other neighborhood boys all the time growing up. Those games are some of my fondest childhood memories. And guess what, I’ve turned out just fine under the guidance of the adults in my life, especially when one considers that I’m currently in the pacifistic field of veterinary medicine. The Crowe boys will grow up fine, just like the vast majority of young boys & men in regards to these childhood games.

  • Avonymous

    my 1.5 year old turns everything into a gun, he’ll pick up a banana, point it at you and say ‘Pow Pow!” you cant force them how to play.

  • Audrey

    My son turned everything into a gun, and once the lawn rake into a bazooka. Didn’t even know he knew what one was until then.

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