Hot Moms Trista Sutter & Jessica Denay Talk Book & Swag

Jessica Denay, author of The Hot Mom to be Handbook and founder of Hot Moms Club, along with celeb mom Trista Ryan have joined forces to create the Moms to be Sweepstakes for expecting and new mothers.

Click below to read about Jessica’s “cheeky” book (with foreward written by Max and Blakesley’s mom), Trista’s favorite part of motherhood and learn how you can win celebrity swag in the Moms to be Sweepstakes.

  • Questions for Trista:

CBS: What do you like about The Hot Mom to be Handbook. What parts of the book did you relate to?

TS: “Well, I of course like the foreward! Ha! No, I really love the overall feel of it. It’s entertaining and full of fantastic tips. I relate to so much of it: the eco-minded mama sections and all the references to interesting websites were the parts I was drawn to the most though.”

CBS: What was your favorite part about being pregnant and being a mom?

TS: “My favorite part about being pregnant, by far, was feeling my baby kick and move inside of me. Yes, sometimes it was uncomfortable, but even if it was just a little hiccup, it made me remember that I was growing a life inside my belly that was created out of the love I have for my husband.

My favorite part about being a mom…wow…hard question! There are an infinite number of things that make it a dream come true for me, but right up there is the feeling of unconditional love that only a parent can truly understand.”

CBS: Are you a fan of websites like and

TS: “I’m a huge fan of and!! I don’t have much time to read the news or flip through magazines, so I get my news/info/gossip fix through those sites and others. I also love that it is a way for moms to connect, especially in a particularly difficult time, knowing that you aren’t alone.”

  • Questions for Jessica:

CBS: Tell us about The Hot Mom to be Handbook. What inspired you to write the book?

JD: “At Hot Moms Club we host so many celebrity baby showers, and work with the top product companies and experts, it was natural to pull it all together with my own personal experience into a fun cheeky book.”

CBS: How do you define a “Hot Mom-to-be?”

JD: “A Hot Mom is a woman who is confident and empowered. It’s an attitude and a way of being. Mothering starts in maternity and there is never a best time to be the best you. The Hot Mom to be Handbook, helps every new mother embrace their inner ‘Hot Mom.'”

CBS: You are the founder of the Hot Moms Club. What inspired you to start the website? Do you enjoy baby blogs like ours as well?

JD: “We started Hot Moms Club over 5 years ago, because at that time there weren’t great blogs like yours or websites we could relate to. We created a site that spoke to moms as women as well not just as ‘parents.’ It’s exciting to see how the image of motherhood has evolved since we started and how many excited sites and places there are for moms to gain information and connect.”

CBS: Tell us all about the Moms to be Sweepstakes.

JD: “The Mom to be Sweepstakes is a chance for moms everyone to win prizes from the great companies I mention in the book. We are always giving celebrities ‘Swag’ and amazing gifts, I figured why not shower every mom with the opportunity to win an incredible Bratt Décor nursery, Micralite Stroller, Cord Blood Banking from Cord Blood Registry and many other amazing products. There are giveaways each week. I encourage all of your readers to enter! Why not, it’s free!!! Get spoiled!”

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