Jenna Elfman: Easton Is A Dream Baby

She welcomed her second son Easton Quinn just last month, but tonight actress Jenna Elfman will be reliving the childbirth experience as her character Billie Chase has her baby on the season finale of Accidentally on Purpose. The 38-year-old mom-of-two – her older son Story Elias is 2 1/2 – recently chatted to about motherhood – both in real life and on the small screen.

On life with little Easton: “Phenomenal. He’s a dream baby.”

On bringing her boys to the set: “Well, I finished filming before I had him, so I’m just off right now being a mom, which is fantastic. I brought my first child to the set though.”

On suggesting storylines based on her own parenting experience: “You know, I haven’t had to because a lot of the writers have kids, so we all share similar experiences [as] parents. So it hasn’t really had to come up yet, but what I did contribute was the fact that I was really pregnant that whole time. That was my very organic contribution.”

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